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Have you received a call from 036? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 036

036 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by jimmyg on August 12, 2020
"phoned on a number of occasions.As we are retired my wife is concerned"

Submitted by Joanne Anderson on October 11, 2016
"I am an older woman that do not and will not answer numbers that I am not familiar with. I'm thinking it's a number to mess up your phone. Please do something to stop these kind of phone calls. Thank you very much."

CALLER ID: 036 or 36
CALLER COMPANY: I never answered

Submitted by vivian on August 19, 2016
"I have been receiving calls from this # for two weeks. A man with an Indian accent said that his company owes me $$. I hung up. Haven't answered the numerous other calls. Extremely irritating."


Submitted by Jaimelynn on July 26, 2016
"Numerous call from +1(1)036. First time a man with an Indian accent asking if I can answer questions about my computer. Hung up. Called again. Didn't answer."

CALLER ID: +1(1)036

Submitted by Brian H. on July 20, 2016
"I didn't answer. Never seen a 3 digit number like this before. Wish I could block it but my phone says it's an invalid number and won't do it."


Submitted by Lucy on July 09, 2016
"received four calls from +1 036. I have not answered/"

CALLER ID: +1036
CALLER COMPANY: united states

Submitted by Lucy on July 09, 2016
"received four calls from +1 036. I have not answered/"

CALLER ID: +1036
CALLER COMPANY: united states

Submitted by Debmd86 on July 01, 2016
"Got 4 separate calls today -3 before 1300 & 1 & 2300 . All showed +1 036 as caller ID. The first 3 were disconnect sound when I answered. The last, no one spoke but background noises suggested a call center perhaps. I said "hello" several times & got no response, the line went dead after about an answeeq"

CALLER ID: No text shown

Submitted by Kurosh Aghazadeh on May 05, 2016
"A foreign women call me regarding my computer is infected and claim to be Microsoft Corporate.(Which I know she is not) She threatens to shutdown my computer be removing License ID, But nothing really happen. It is a very annoying calls that I get."


Submitted by LAC on April 12, 2016
"036 called my cell today, I did not answer."

CALLER ID: Caller ID:036

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