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Have you received a call from +1 (1) (952) 290-786? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number +1 (1) (952) 290-786

+1 (1) (952) 290-786 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Deanna on October 11, 2018
"Did not answer came up weird with the notation above +1(1)(952)290-786"

CALLER ID: United States

Submitted by Debbie on September 24, 2018
"have received several calls from this number. They say they are with the federal treasury department."

CALLER ID: 11952290786

Submitted by Jersey on September 20, 2018
"Received 3 calls from this number in 2 days. I did not answer. The caller did not leave a message."

CALLER ID: 11952290786

Submitted by Guest on September 12, 2018
"Caller said they were from the Federal Gov. Claimed I was eligible for $9000. Can't recall if they knew my name Blocked this caller, appears to have originated outside of the U.S. Background noise indicated to me a "boiler room" type of operation. Caller had an accent on her english, comman enough, okay, but call seemed to be outside of U.S."

CALLER ID: 1(1) 952-290-786

Submitted by Rob on August 09, 2018
"Suspicious number. Blocked."

CALLER ID: 1195228076

Submitted by Guest User on July 03, 2018
"Caller stated they were calling from the Federal Government. Said that my name and number was ed to receive $9000. The caller did not ask for me or know my name."

Submitted by L.V. on June 26, 2018
"Strange looking number, didnt leave a message. I blocked this caller, likely scammer."

CALLER ID: +1 (1) (952) 290-786

Submitted by David on June 22, 2018
"Same as all the rest but I do not answer."

CALLER ID: +1 (1) (952) 290-786

Submitted by David on June 22, 2018
"Same as all the rest of the complaints but I do not answer."

CALLER ID: +1 (1) (952) 290-786


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