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Have you received a call from 141-010-0002? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (141) 010-0002

141-010-0002 / (141) 010-0002 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by jo on July 09, 2020
"Received a text. Said from AT&T directing me to call 904-785-3013. "Subject: Payment on hold. Call 9047853013. MSG:7563" Definitely a SCAM TEXT."

CALLER ID: See above comment
CALLER COMPANY: See above comment

Submitted by Daniel on May 15, 2020
"SUBJ: CapitalOne
MSG: We regret to inform you that your Capital One account has been limited. Call us at 3183454143"

Submitted by KS on January 03, 2020
"FRM:Maikel Bello
MSG:my name and this web address."

CALLER ID: 1410100002

Submitted by Robert on November 12, 2019
"2 Text messages, one on 6/30/2018 and one on 11/12/2019. 1st one from "magdalis" wanting me to click on their link for a headline, the second one from "els" for lind to a "proffer""

Submitted by Jn on November 07, 2019
"Subj: alert PNC
Asking to update missing information"

CALLER ID: 1410100002

Submitted by Hien on May 24, 2019
"FROM: PNC BANK GO TO "website link" NOW.
Subject: Credit Crad Locked!
MSG: ID 458 We care about your account security!"

CALLER ID: 1410200501

Submitted by Bella on April 30, 2019
"Recieved a text,
"FRM:Elizabeth Disbrow
MSG: my name and former address"

Believed to be a "phishing" scam from other's experience with this #."

CALLER ID: 1410100002

Submitted by Tracy on April 08, 2019
"I just got a text from Andrew Collins it knew my name and address who is it"

CALLER ID: 6313752965

Submitted by JKL on October 30, 2018
"Said my auto require acceptance. Gave my name
and address."

CALLER ID: Paul Montgomery
CALLER COMPANY: 4rssmokehouse

Submitted by Dennis on June 08, 2018
FRM:diane vickers

Call other day from 1410100001
different name same msg."

CALLER ID: 1410100002


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