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Have you received a call from +1 (510) 405-7213? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number +1 (510) 405-7213

+1 (510) 405-7213 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by John doe on July 11, 2020
"The same message but he also said my address correctly. How do they get hold of the address??
Please find this number and arrest him for these messages"

CALLER ID: +1 (510) 405-7213

Submitted by Unknown on July 01, 2020
"Received the same message from 3 # first from the 510, n both from 315. All threatened me if I don’t pay they will hurt me and my family. Found more info though, if you receive a message from a girl name genesis #315-541-0536 it’s n WhatsApp # and also you can find her on escort affair,, and atlas escorts website. tried searching for the other 2 only came across one other #315-6531820 she goes by Melissa Cortez on onebackpage, and dbescorts website. Never done this escort never hooked up nor will I ever hook up with Someone’s online don’t know how they got my # feel free to call them and tell them what’s up es! Lol.or to who ever is running this scam and threatening people""

CALLER ID: Scumbags

Submitted by Woodland boy on June 26, 2020
"This full is a ***** and don't want to see me I'm in woodland CA 401 Elliot street I called him out and don't want to see me he's a fagget mother ***** er ***** ***** ***** "

Submitted by John on June 18, 2020
"Demands for cash and threats of violence"

Submitted by Hank on April 23, 2020
"Said same"

Submitted by Tierra on April 23, 2020
"Send me messages saying they will hurt my family an demands money for some agencie that I do not know and do not owe this is really scary.."

CALLER ID: 15104057213

Submitted by Dvk on March 18, 2020
"Same. Threatens me and family for no reason."

Submitted by Paul Gilliam on March 04, 2020
"He threatens to kill me and my family for not paying services to women that work for him that I don´t even owe money to."

Submitted by concerned citizen on February 25, 2020
"Same as what everyone said. Threats to hurt family and demand of cash"

CALLER ID: (510) 405-7213


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