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Submitted by Derrick Dewayne Smith on August 30, 2020
"He claims he with PCH Sweepstake and he was here to help me receive my prize winning money and car. And that I had to pay a shipping fee for the car. And ask me to take a picture of my debit card and ID to send to him . I did because he sent me his address and pictures of his ID and others pictures. But anyway he took money out of my bank account two times . The first he said it wasn't him but the second time he told it was him by sorting things he said. Like he had to do it by using Google to check my account. Now he texting me saying he gone to kill me and my family because I'm not cooperating with him. So he could get pay from his company."

CALLER ID: +16415054713
CALLER COMPANY: CCO Catipal Market, PCH Office


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