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18004234343 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Eric B on January 13, 2020
"It's an auto dialer identifying them as AT&T asking for your social security number."

Submitted by ofelia on January 03, 2020
"this caller keeps on calling me constantly"

Submitted by Maria morales carreno on January 02, 2020
"They said that they are calling from att and need my credit card or my social #"


Submitted by Nancy M Goodrich on December 27, 2019
"This number calls my frequently and I am sick of it"

Submitted by sl burris on December 05, 2019
"call and didn't say anything"

Submitted by Reneta Walker on November 12, 2019
"Harrassing calls"

CALLER ID: 18004234343
CALLER COMPANY: At n t universal

Submitted by Rebeca Howie on October 04, 2019
"These people will no quit! I have asked them to remove me from their cal list. My husband is a disabled Vet and we have to answer calls from unknown numbers due to the many health related calls. They continue to harass on a daily basis. I have gotten 4 calls from them just today!! normally at least twice a day from the same number. They do switch their number here and there but it is from the same people. These people need to be stopped! they are causing us great stress. My husband begins to shake every time they call its really effecting his health!!!"

Submitted by Danielle Waller on August 14, 2019
"very explicit in detail vulgar and ob seen when i refused to let them lower my credit card debt."

CALLER ID: 18004234343

Submitted by Alicia on November 08, 2018
"Received multiple calls from this number. ASk to be put on do not call list and taken off their calling list. When I said that this time the rep said he NO he wouldn't put on the do not call list because I was a customer and he could call me any time he wanted! I asked what company he was with, all he would say was Card Services. When I said what specific company are you with, he hung up on me. I called the number back and spoke with someone who was a little nicer but wasn't getting how upset I was! She said she was with Citi car / Att Universal card. I have neither of those!"

CALLER ID: 18004234343
CALLER COMPANY: citi card / att universal card

Submitted by Ellie B. on October 02, 2018
"Scammer called during business hours. I answered and an automated machine told me it was to lower my credit card rate. It transferred me to a "rep" from Bank of America. I asked for the name on the card, and he simply hung up. Really annoying"

CALLER COMPANY: Bank of America

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