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18009556600 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jamie A Haldeman on February 23, 2020
"Calls from this number even on weekends"

CALLER ID: 1800955660

Submitted by Hugh Gilmartin on February 13, 2020
"Constant calling even on Sundays and holidaysno reply to attempt to call back now considered robocall"

Submitted by Geo on December 31, 2019
"1-800-955-6600 called a few times with a recording saying they were capitalone credit card they called today as i listened to the answering machine i was doing something at the time a person saying hello, hello ......
Hello then just hanging up unprofessional like they were not from capitalone at all
With the change over that walmart sent out letters saying they were changing over to capitalone from their inhouse credit at the time they did this the same way last time i had a walmart credit card only used at walmart i could not get into my account to even pay my monthly bill statement reading about on different web pages they said they had a lawsuit against the bank they were with and were changing over to capitalone my at and t statement for december is close to $500.00 iam using my internet in the same way
And no where near the amount they said i used in december from the calender days november 15th to december 15th looking at the data used i turned everything off all my computers and tablet i was sleeping and vpn goes on not using data on the computer if not used the wifi goes off and it showsas i was sleeping data used monday i was sleeping unti 2:45 i went to bed when my father did it was sunday at 10 p.m. it shows data going up and down from the lowest 14000 kb to 39000kb then in morning 45000kb i was still sleeping atthe time the highest it got was 69000 kb and when i got on the internet it went into mb"

Submitted by Christian Wymer on December 22, 2019
"They call all the time even Sundays."

Submitted by Frustrated on December 07, 2019
"Multiple calls per day from 1-800-955-6600. They never leave a message. When I'm not working or driving I sometimes answer the call and say hello 2 or 3 times, but the caller says nothing or hangs up on me."

CALLER ID: 18009556600
CALLER COMPANY: Unknown (they have NEVER identified themselves)

Submitted by Amy on August 16, 2019
"Call about a urgent business matter. I have blocked this number and they still get thru. Leave a message that I only get the tail end of on my voicemail. They start calling at 8 a.m. and at least four more times through out the day."

CALLER ID: 18009556600

Submitted by Polly on May 13, 2019
"This caller has been calling everyday, so two days ago I decided to answer the call. The caller said nothing, they just listened to me say hello like 3 times before I just hung up."

Submitted by fernando on May 10, 2019
"Just got a call from this umber saying that this is a call from the social security administration, we just suspended your social security number for suspicious activity if you like to know more please press one now thank you. SCAM FOR SURE"

Submitted by jody on November 27, 2018
"When I answered they said something in a low voice and foreign language, then they hung up before I could say anything."

CALLER ID: 18009556600

Submitted by Rob on October 18, 2018
"Calling 2x per day, even at 1130pm EST. If I don't pick up I get the tail end of a voice mail message urging me to call about my credit card account. I've never had a card with them. When I pick up the call, it disconnects without leaving a message. I called the number, was prompted to enter the last 4 digits, I made something up, it said not valid, try again. I tried another 4 digits and got the same, " we don't recognize that card,. Please enter the full 16 digit card number". I hit 0 and got an operator. The oporator identified herself as from Capitol One and asked for the account number. I told her I've never had one and to remove me from the call list. She said she would. 2 days later, still getting calls 2 x per day."

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