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18445280423 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Shaik on October 26, 2022
"The lady called me this morning and said she is on behalf of City of Toronto, need me privide date of birth and address"

CALLER ID: 416-491-1259

Submitted by Hang on May 13, 2022
"The lady called me this morning and said she is on behalf of City of Toronto, need me privide date of birth and address. I refused and she said she is from CBV Collection."

CALLER ID: 18445280423

Submitted by Sam on June 07, 2018
"Said he was calling from City of Toronto looking for someone else with my last name"

Submitted by DRAKE on April 04, 2018
"These people are CBV Collection Services Ltd. ( They are scumbags who harass innocent people with the same last name of whom they are looking for.......I don't get how these people are still in business?
They have called me about 100 times and even texted my phone number....real winners! They buy uncollected credit notes from the banks and any other source and try their damnedest to collect on debt that is well over 10 years old........DO NOT PAY ANYTHING THAT IS OLDER THAN 7 YEARS....STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS COMES INTO PLAY AND THEY CAN'T DO A THING TO YOU OR YOUR CREDIT.....AGAIN SCUMBAGS WITH NO OTHER WAY TO MAKE A LIVING!"

CALLER COMPANY: cbv collections services

Submitted by Jan on June 16, 2017
"Called here this morning. If CBV Collections is legit they don't do much to help one figure out if the call is authentic or not. They said the call did come from them (I used a website phone number for the office closest to us to call back, not the number the woman on the original call left as call back.) Number the caller ID displayed not the number left for call back."

CALLER ID: 844-202-1030

Submitted by mike on May 24, 2017
"the automated call misrepresents a legitimate collection agency and if you call the number to get them to stop calling, they threaten to keep calling until you give them the info. I reported them to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre"


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