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Submitted by Yaaxc250 on February 28, 2019
"A person calls saying they're from Comcast... promotion offered me $99.00/mo, for my triple-play package with an upgrade in internet speed and some kind of TV upgrade also... to take advantage, you have to pre-pay the 1st 3 months with an Ebay gift card because of a new promotional partnership with Ebay. And if you do it by 10pm the same day, you'll get a $100 gift card in return. They give you the number 1-888-670-5647 to call back when you have the gift card. They also give you a promo code; mine was CX1616. And when you call that number, it's sofisticated enough to initially make it feel like you did indeed call a real Comcast number.

I found out by calling Comcast, that this phone number is not associated with them, and there is no promotional partnerships with Ebay. And that they would never make you pay with a gift card to recieve a promotion of any kind.

The scary thing was that they seemed somewhat legit when I found that the caller ID number they called me from, was indeed a the real Comcast phone number. But.... this can absolutely be faked."

CALLER ID: 18002662278


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