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Have you received a call from 1-941-799-7008? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 1-941-799-7008

1-941-799-7008 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Shannon on May 23, 2018
"Jason said he was working with the power company and had an order to disconnect with in 1 hour. I knew we had a $0 balance with the power company so I told him to come do it."

CALLER ID: 1-941-799-7008

Submitted by ROXANE on May 17, 2018
"The guy said they would disconnect our FPL if we did not go to the CVS and get a money pack, I knew it was a scam have had the call before, I told him it was a scam and he hung up. My husband called the number back and they answer FPL. He told my husband you know what to do and hung up."

CALLER ID: unknown

Submitted by Liam on May 15, 2018
"Scammer said they work for FPL and will disconnect my business service if I don't pay 500.00 for deposit money."

CALLER ID: 941-799-7008

Submitted by sherry on April 04, 2018
"The guy said he was working for Teco said
he was going to disconnect our Teco service.
In order to stop it we had to get some cards
from the Dollar Tree a green cards to pay it. I called
Teco they said we didn't owe anything.
They said they don't work like that and it
was s spam call. The guy was trying to get


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