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Have you received a call from 1-989-256-3868? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 1-989-256-3868

1-989-256-3868 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by ESW on July 14, 2015
"This number called yesterday and stated they wanted to help me eliminate debt (which I don't have.) Today, they called about my computer. I asked them to take me off the calling list two days in a row, and today the guy asked why?"

Submitted by Ursula Arcese on June 26, 2015
"At 10:00 a call came in from this number. The individual claimed to be from the technical computer department of Windows. HA!
I asked if he was from Microsoft and he would not answer.
I said I would be reporting his number as an attempt to scam and hung up."

CALLER ID: Out of Area

Submitted by BJ on June 26, 2015
"I got the call 6/26/2015 from someone with poor English claiming he was from the technical department calling about my computer. I stopped him and told him that this was a scam call and I was going to report the call. He replied scammers wouldn't have your personal information. Yeah right. I hung up on him."

CALLER ID: Name Unavailable 98902563868
CALLER COMPANY: B.J.'s Stitchin' Time

Submitted by geoff on June 24, 2015
"a man claiming to work for windows tech support called me to tell me my computer was badly infected and I needed to connect to their servers to fix it"

CALLER ID: 989-256-3868
CALLER COMPANY: not listed

Submitted by Pat on June 19, 2015
"This number called me four times today."

Submitted by Bob on June 04, 2015
"I just received a call from the same idiot saying he was from Microsoft and because my version of Windows was registered with them he was calling to tell me that they were getting troubling readings from my computer. What the moron apparently didn't know is that I am working on an iMac, running Mac OS. It's not a PC, and I don't run Windows. I suspect he's some sort of hacker/scammer/ID thief"

CALLER ID: Unknown Name

Submitted by mama on May 16, 2015
"I have been getting a call everyday from this India sounding scammer-thief. Sometimes it is a woman and mostly it is a man. It is always the same: I am calling about your computer..... Windows Microsoft, etc etc, wants my passwords and credit card info so he can hack my computer and steal whatever he wants form it. I usually either yell at him about how he is a thief! Scammer! and a few other words, sometimes I blow a whistle real loud into the phone when I recognize the call. So I checked on here and saw some people said when they saw the number calling they let it just go to their message machine. 6 days ago, I saw it was him, and let it go to my message machine, and guess what? I haven't gotten another call. So if you are getting a call everyday, like I was, let it go to your message machine, and hopefully like me it will stop!"

CALLER ID: Name Unavaliable

Submitted by LC on May 12, 2015
"Same story, second verse. I have received about ten calls in the last week. Why hasn' the call been traced or can you do that on a throwaway phone?"

CALLER ID: 989-256-3868K

Submitted by LJ on May 11, 2015
"Same as much listed except that on the third call, he asked me to please not hang up. That he was legitimate and we had registered our name and number when we bought the computer. I asked when and he said he did not have that info. He asked if this was the "my last name" household. I said yes. How did they get my name? I wonder when I gave my name up. These scammers get all that info without you realizing. I listened to him and told him that I understood that this Microsoft computer software was corrupt and infecting others with terrible virus' could still not be mine cuz I no longer own this piece of equip. He told me that I did, that I owned a laptop. I do not I said. He told me he thought I was an honest woman and said "God bless." I asked he please not call again. I think they will call again. They have my name"

CALLER ID: 989-256-3868

Submitted by misashi kick ass on April 28, 2015
"Call in heavy accent telling me that they were from Microsoft and that I was having connection problems and that they would help. I said that I would call back and he gave me 760-392-3952 and the name Chris Martin."

CALLER ID: 989-356-3868

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