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Have you received a call from 201-688-7118? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (201) 688-7118

201-688-7118 / (201) 688-7118 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by KATHY on October 13, 2020
"The is the 2nd time they have done this to my 82 year old mother. I reported the 1st call and of course nothing was done. I realize local police are limited as to what they can do but there has to be some government agency that can act and take action against these people. My few choice words are not going to do anything!"

CALLER ID: 201-688-7118
CALLER COMPANY: "Don Williams"

Submitted by madashell on September 04, 2020
"We have to STOP these people. My father (83)
got a call from someone acting as my nephew saying he was in a car accident in NYC and was being held in jail for DUI and Reckless Endangerment. Requested we wire a sum of money for bail or he would have to sit there for 20 days until court date. Same number as above"

Submitted by Guest User on August 18, 2020
"called my 82 year old grandmother saying that my brother (her grandson) was in a car accident. Claimed to be his lawyer and asked for money."

Submitted by Guest User on August 17, 2020
"Do not believe these people - called my Mom (86 years old) to say that my son was in an accident."

Submitted by Alexander Maxwell on June 05, 2020
"Called my 90 year old grandmother claiming I was in jail and needed bail. Pure EVIL."

Submitted by not a victim on May 26, 2020
"claim to be a lawyer to ask for bail money for call from 908-343-6578. name not same as internet finding, if calling and asking for bail money should be local police station????"

Submitted by mike on May 24, 2020
""Acted like a lawyer asking for $98,000 after another number called saying our nephew was in jail after getting into a car accident""

CALLER ID: bayonne nj

Submitted by Guest User on May 19, 2020
"Acted like a lawyer asking for $98,000 after another number called saying our nephew was in jail after getting into a car accident"


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