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Have you received a call from 202-864-0153? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (202) 864-0153

202-864-0153 / (202) 864-0153 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Annette S. on September 23, 2022
"This call came up as potential spam so I let it go to voicemail. Her name was Veronica Swanson and she knew my name which alarmed me. She said she works for consumer services regarding gambling, casinos and sweepstakes. None of which I'm associated with. She was going to look up my case and call me back"

CALLER ID: 202-864-0153

Submitted by flanmk on June 01, 2016
"June 1, 2016 @12:17 PM"

CALLER ID: 202-864-0153

Submitted by Asher on May 28, 2016
"IRS is filing a lawsuit against you, please call back."

CALLER ID: 202 864 0153

Submitted by Carol on May 28, 2016
"Scam caller called my cell, also. Left computerized type voice mail.

Jerks!! We OWE NO taxes.

Oh yea, like IRS is going to be working on a Saturday morning, on a holiday (Memorial Day) weekend.

Folks always check out a number by putting the number into "search"."

CALLER ID: 202 864-0153

Submitted by Tyana on May 28, 2016
"I got s call from a robot threatening me. Informing me that the IRS has a lawsuit against me and I would be in prison if I did not call back. I was immediately skeptical and look the phone number up on. Now that I'm reading all of these reports I see now that it was a scam."

CALLER ID: (202) 864-0153

Submitted by Keith Hawbaker on May 27, 2016
"I have received multiple calls and messages from this number. Please make sure these kind of nasty people don't harass me or any other citizen."

Submitted by Bettie on May 27,2016 on May 27, 2016
"Didn't answer this time but left a voice mail saying there was a case file against me to call back immediately!!! Nope I didn't call back either"

CALLER ID: 202-864-0153

Submitted by Tom on May 27, 2016
"Said I was being sued by IRS. Call 202 864-0153 immediately."

CALLER ID: Washington DC
CALLER COMPANY: 1-202-864-0153

Submitted by Jennifer on May 27, 2016
"Got a call from this number and they claim that I had a law suit against me. i know they are trying to scam me so i called back just to see what they would say. After I called them out on the scam the "representative" told me to go "Fk myself" amongst other names."

CALLER ID: 2028640153

Submitted by Kearstin on May 27, 2016
"Received a call saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me...sounded like a recording"

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