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Have you received a call from 205-561-3772? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (205) 561-3772

205-561-3772 / (205) 561-3772 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Shannon on September 25, 2019
"Same as everyone else. They say they have 2 pending matters to speak with me about and then say that I may or may not have forfeited my right to dispute. Usually calls spoofing a local number with a voicemail stating to call another number with a file number. If you call back they either won't give you their place of business or it says their mailbox is full. If they were legit they would notify by mail."

CALLER ID: 205-561-3772

Submitted by jes on August 16, 2019
"two calls, two days, poor quality female then male computer generated voices... all the rest is the same as everyone else... local number 8177549937 call back is 2055613772... comin to get me... KOOL! Bring it on!
I am entertaining myself calling them over and over... no answer, voice mail is full no messages may be left! This is just GREAT!"

CALLER ID: 2055613772
CALLER COMPANY: unintelligible

Submitted by Guest User on August 15, 2019
"Rcvd call from a local number, 715-997-2533 stating that I I have 2 pending matters, they will serve me at my home address or my place of employment. They are calling with my last name that I haven't had it 13 years! They are also calling my parents numbers and leaving the same message. At the end of the call it they say you have been officially notified, good luck. My file number was MSP91925"

CALLER ID: 715-997-2533

Submitted by CA Central Valley on August 15, 2019
"Call came for my daughter who hasn't lived with me for over 25 years and lives in another city. Same spiel as other calls. Also got this same call on my land line yesterday. Makes me nervous they have both my cell and land line numbers. What got hacked?? Number given to call 205-561-3772 with a case #. Glad to know it's a scam."

CALLER ID: 209-837-9963
CALLER COMPANY: Client Process Division

Submitted by Wanda on August 15, 2019
"I got a threatening call from a 516-588-5156 saying this is there final call they would come to my house or place of work to have me an Attorney or legal aid they lefted a return number to call them back which was 205-561-3772 than said this is my final call good luck"

CALLER ID: 516-588-5156

Submitted by Joanna on August 15, 2019
"This is a scam."


Submitted by JOSHUA PAUL THOMPSON on August 14, 2019
"Said they would come to my place of work and my home if I didn't settle this issue since they couldn't get ahold of me on the phone."

CALLER ID: 2568601556

Submitted by Romina A. on August 13, 2019
"received a called telling me I was going to be served to call this 205 561 3772 with a reference number. I called and someone answered an gave the them refence number to see what it was about and they hang up."

Submitted by Orly on August 13, 2019
"Got a call from a 407-753-7927 and it was a automated system message inquiring about a complaint for my "mom." That she owed $717.98 to a bank called "First Caribbean International Bank" and also left a file# and directions to call 205-561-3772. I called the 407 number and spoke with a guy that said his name was "Marcus Reed" he said that if my mom didn't pay that money in 48 hours someone will come to her house, which was an old address by the way, and serve her with court papers. Mind you my mom never heard of that bank and never had an account with that bank. Also, the address he gave that showed on their file was an old address from 2002. We search the phone number and saw a lot of scam reports."

CALLER ID: 4077537927

Submitted by Marylin Gould on August 13, 2019
"Recieved a call from a local number 909 330-3028. A computerized voice left this messagr:
In order for you and it looks like for two pending matters. Now unfortunately since I'm unable to reach you by phone. I may attempt to reach you at your home and or your place of employment you your attorney or legal representation have the right to contact the client direct to resolve this matter voluntarily. However if you are located. You may forfeit this right. You can reach the office at 205-561-3772. When contacting the office reference file number MGN89519. You have been officially notified. Good

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