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Have you received a call from 206-946-8209? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (206) 946-8209

206-946-8209 / (206) 946-8209 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Paul on October 10, 2018
"These people call every day, sometimes several times per day. When I pick up, there is an extended silence - obviously an automated dialling system that someone is not properly monitoring. If I call back to ask them to stop calling they terminate the call."

Submitted by Bob on October 01, 2018
"scam caller"

Submitted by Helen Coates on September 25, 2018
"On phone with the scammer who says she needs to connect to my computer. Asked her to email me the form she needs me to fill out. She is fighting with me right now."

CALLER ID: 206-946-8209
CALLER COMPANY: copper kettle bakery

Submitted by JMO on September 24, 2018
"Scam call. When I answered there was silence for 5 seconds, then they hung up. I dialed back and got some man with a thick accent. Said he was calling from Microsoft. Which is, of course, absolute bull ***** -- everyone knows you can't get Microsoft to call you even if you want them to, let alone an unsolicited "service" call. Ha!"

CALLER COMPANY: "Microsoft" but not really


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