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213-493-3278 / (213) 493-3278 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by MT Household on January 16, 2019
"Received a voicemail from a Kevin Bradford with Chase Bank Corporate office stating we had an unclaimed check. Asked me to call back at 213-493-4877. Call came in from 800-935-9935"


Submitted by AW on December 20, 2018
"Urgent message form Kevin representing Chase corporate offices in LA. He said there was a request from corporate clients in Las Vegas to get in touch with me regarding a high value payout."

CALLER ID: 213-493-3278 EX 4877

Submitted by Venus Rumbaoa on December 17, 2018
"Received a call from Kevin McClaren, Corporate Chase Bank, Las Vegas, at (213) 493-3278 x4877. Told me I was a 2nd place winner from a prize package U.S. Giveaway & Fulfilment Foundation. I have a cashier’s check of $700,000, $50,000 cash, $3,000 reimbursement. He even gave me a number for Brink’s who has these monies & number to call is 1-866-438-0228. Tracking #AS886422US."

CALLER ID: 18009359935
CALLER COMPANY: Corporate Chase Bank

Submitted by Shirley T on December 06, 2018
"Received a call from a Andrew Pearson from Chase Bank in Las Vegas. He started it was an urgent call to call back at 213-493-3278. Very personable and youngish."


Submitted by Ellen on November 20, 2018
"Left message on my husband's phone stating that he was calling from Chase Corporate Offices in Los Angeles. Said I had a cashier's check from Las Vegas. Seemed like a scam so I checked out the phone number I was asked to call."

Submitted by SH on November 16, 2018
"I was asked t o return call to Andrew Peason Chase Bank regarding a large check. Same Scam: Statement they are holding Certified Check for $700,000 in our name since January. Something to do with US Giveaway & Fulfillment Program. He wanted to verify who to send the check to.When I questioned his address, title and email, he hung up on me."

CALLER ID: Unassigned
CALLER COMPANY: Chase Bank (false)

Submitted by jeff on November 15, 2018
"Fraudulant number. They do not work for Chase Bank"

CALLER ID: 2134933278

Submitted by Reporter of Calls on November 09, 2018
"Received two calls from 213-493-3278
One call at 7:30A

I was asked to return call to Chase Bank, Andrew Pearson, regarding a large check."

Submitted by JV on November 08, 2018
"Voice mail: Caller gave name "Andrew Pearson" at this number:213-493-3278,Ext.4877; re: check issued in LasVegas in January.
The REAL Chase corporate office said this is a bogus number & unknown name."

Submitted by jay on November 06, 2018
""Chase Bank Corporate office. Check issued 1 yr ago in Las Vegas"

CALLER ID: 213-493-3278
CALLER COMPANY: Unassigned per Caller ID"

CALLER ID: Unassigned

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