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220-333-7676 / (220) 333-7676 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jamie on October 08, 2016
"Scam call no doubt as I have read posts from others. I personaly did not answer because my message machine had no message and did not alert/beep me. This fake scam, MS Tech support, would never call your home without your knowledge as MS are preofessionals. A real (genuine legit)person would have left a message on my answering machine."

CALLER ID: 220-333-7676

Submitted by Not telling you. on October 07, 2016
"Indian accent, "Peder" form "Microsoft Suppord" (yea... Right!) called my home number. I'm in IT - this was going to be fun! I played along & he tried to scare me, "We nodice suspicious acdividy coming from your compuder... Could be virus, malware..." He did have my wife's correct email address. He verbally told me how to look in the Windows event logs under Administrative view (there are always errors in there, even on a clean PC). I asked him were he was from, he said "San Jose, California".

I pretended to be concerned, and asked him if the smoke from all the fires (wink-wink) was effecting him, he said "um, it's not too bad" (there are no fires, I just made that up). I went on to ask him where he was related to the fires, he said "In da forest." I had trouble not laughing.

After a couple minutes he tried to get me to allow him remote access to my machine by hitting the Windows key + R, then typing MSTSC (NEVER DO THAT!). I pretended it wasn't working & dragged this out a bit.

"Peder" refused to provide a phone number to call him back, refused to provide an email address. When I pressed him on this, he hung up.

Now I feel kind of bummed - I could have had sooo much more fun screwing with him, but he hung up too soon!

: \"

CALLER ID: I had not heard back from you regarding this ticket, so at this point in time I'll go ahead & close it. If this is still and ongoing issue, and you would like further assistance, please call us at (951) 200-7860 when you are ready to troubleshoot the is

Submitted by Sirius on October 07, 2016
"Got a call from "Microsoft" stating someone from Nigeria was trying to access my laptop, and that they've had over 2,000 reports "allegedly" come from my laptop. Sounded like they were from India."

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by Katherine Coleman on October 07, 2016
"Continuous calls. The US Government wants to give you money."

Submitted by Wayne R on October 07, 2016
""She called and asked for Wayne. She was foreign and there was a great deal of noise in the background-she hung up on me when I said ,"This is Wayne".!"

CALLER ID: 220-333-7676"

Submitted by WSRS on October 07, 2016
"He called and said he was from Microsoft and they noticed something wrong with my computer - they wanted to me login - he was foreign and there was a great deal of noise in the background-he hung up on me when I questioned him!"

CALLER ID: 220-333-7676

Submitted by Norma JB on October 07, 2016
"220-333-7676 Call about my computer that micro soft has to be updated"


Submitted by Kat on October 06, 2016
"They called and stated someone hacked my email and wanted me to log into it and do something. I hung up!"

Submitted by sharon on October 05, 2016
"they keep calling and I keep blocking but they keep using different numbers everytime. now they are getting nasty with me.
When I asked what do you need ...he said I need your ***** ....seems to be no way to stop them"

Submitted by Lisa on October 05, 2016
"Another scam call. Have to say as soon as I heard the word WON and foreign accent, I hung up. Hate that they have real identity info."

CALLER ID: 220-333-7676

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