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Have you received a call from 228-463-3263? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (228) 463-3263

228-463-3263 / (228) 463-3263 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Pat on July 05, 2017
"228-463-3281 number actually called the business I work for with the same message but absolutely no persons name. I think we would know if the company had IRS calling them. They just pick random numbers."

Submitted by Mark on June 30, 2017
"228-463-3279 called me saying they were the FBI and I'm supposed to call back. Scam"

Submitted by Annette on June 30, 2017
"Got the same call from that number and when I returned call I got some guy you couldn't understand and I hung up."

Submitted by Guest User on June 30, 2017
"same thing - "robot" female recorded call from IRS and we are being monitored, must call them back."

CALLER ID: 2284633262

Submitted by Ann on June 30, 2017
"Number auto calls me see real times every day. Has several messages saying they are the irs. One even says there is an arrest warrant out for me. Did not call them back. The IRS would have sent a letter if there really was something wrong with my tax return."

CALLER ID: 2284633261

Submitted by Hope on June 28, 2017
"I received the same message claiming they were IRS...also same message from a different number 501-267-9542"

Submitted by Lynn on June 28, 2017
"Received phone calls on 6/27/17 at 9:50am, 11:41am, 2:29pm, 3:50pm, and 5:14pm from 228-463-3263 claiming that the IRS was getting ready to take me to court and this was my last chance to settle with them."

CALLER ID: 228-463-3263

Submitted by Linda on June 28, 2017
"From the IRS a lien is pending against us. Call ASAP."

CALLER ID: 228-463-3263

Submitted by Kevin on June 28, 2017
"Yep, got that call from the 228-463-3263 yesterday. Today, the call is from 646-971-1507 (NY, NY)."

Submitted by David on June 27, 2017
"Voicebot called said it was IRS and that I was being sued. Attempted to call back but no answer and weird ringtone.I see from other callers who got the same message its a scam out of Bay Saint Louis MS."

CALLER ID: 2284633265

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