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Have you received a call from 239-351-5573? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (239) 351-5573

239-351-5573 / (239) 351-5573 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Simon on February 07, 2019
"Marlin Roofing said they're going to be on my street. Told them i wasn't interested and to stop calling [this was my 6th call from them] me and the caller became argumentative and I had to hang up after telling him several times to not call me."

CALLER ID: Unknown
CALLER COMPANY: Marlin Roofing

Submitted by Ty Burger on February 02, 2019
"Roofing inspection and estimates"

CALLER ID: 239-351-5573
CALLER COMPANY: Roofing company

Submitted by JMF on February 01, 2019
"I have received numerous calls from 239-351-5573. I don’t pick up because if they don’t want to identify themselves and choose to have their ID as “Name unavailable” then I also am NOT AVAILABLE!!!
I added that number to my block call list."

CALLER ID: Name unavailable

Submitted by Mike Okizad on January 03, 2019
"Recieved call and i said, "Hello"
"Hello, hello, hello" and i was met with silence, well other than the person breathing and occasionally adjusting the phone. So, i replied again, "hello? This is when you respend, Hello...instead of breathing into the phone" the caller then hung up. I see that this is a telemarketer from the info online, and i assume I got someone on their first call. Good they didnt attempt to swoon me in another "free vacation", or "$1,000 walmart gift card" because i would have been a bad person to learn on. I often get hang ups from telemarketers. Im assuming its my uninviting and bothered tone to my voice. Its amazing how they can tell im not worth even attempting to read their paragraph, just by the tone of my "Hello?!?"
Number is added to the 500 other blocked numbers in my phone. I hope the government does make these auto dialers illegal. What happened to the "do not call list"?"

CALLER ID: 239-351-5573

Submitted by Guest User on December 15, 2018
"Received 15 or more calls today from 239-351-5573. They are using my number ###-###-#### to call other people.
Cell Phone Fraud"


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