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Have you received a call from 240-771-9837? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (240) 771-9837

240-771-9837 / (240) 771-9837 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jean Lee on May 31, 2019
"Said my SSN had been reported for fraudulent and iilegal activityPlease contact them asap at 240 771 9837"

CALLER ID: 800 025 8800

Submitted by A on May 23, 2019
"Person left a voicemail. I have it saved. Said my SSN was being audited for suspicious criminal activity."

Submitted by Nina on May 21, 2019
"Same as other comments. Said to call back 240-771-9837. Would be nice to shut them down."

CALLER ID: 800-025-1697
CALLER COMPANY: Social security administration-lol

Submitted by Amanda on May 21, 2019
"Same comment as other callers"

CALLER ID: 240-771-9837

Submitted by Kevin on May 21, 2019
"Called me and said that there is criminal activity on my ss# and that I needed to call 2407719837."

CALLER ID: 18000251687

Submitted by Jay on May 20, 2019
"Received call with same comments as the other callers"

CALLER ID: 18000251697

Submitted by Marcia on May 20, 2019
"Received the same call today and the message was left on my voice mail. My caller was male with a foreign accent. He ended the call by saying have a blessed day. Call back number was 240-771-9837, but the number They are calling from is 800-025-1697."

Submitted by James on May 20, 2019
"Received same call as all the others. Recorded message says the call is from the Social Security Administration and that there is fraud associated with my SS#. The recorded call asked me stay on the line or call 240-771-9837. I stayed on the line and a women with a Middle Eastern accent asked for my name. I told her she should know my name and that I thought she was fraudulently phishing for personal information. She hung up immediately."

Submitted by Amy on May 17, 2019
"Said there was criminal activity on my ss#. Asked for my name and ss#. Then I said no he hung up on me. I called back got a lady advised her I was hung up on. She said because I was talking shi. LOL wow"

CALLER ID: 2407719837

Submitted by Nawdy on May 16, 2019
"Claims they are from social security"

CALLER ID: 18000251697

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