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Have you received a call from 254-326-1327? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (254) 326-1327

254-326-1327 / (254) 326-1327 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Cyndi on January 18, 2019
"Just received the call and a man with a very thick accent said that he was from the Social Security office and that my number was used in fraudulent activity. I told him that I think his call is fraudulent and I will call the police. He hung up."

CALLER ID: Clifton, TX

Submitted by Jennifer Mooneyhan on January 18, 2019
"I received a message saying my social security number was flagged for fraudulent activity & to call back immediately to clear the matter up. When I called back, a guy with a very thick foreign accent answered, “Social Security Administration” & told me that my social security number & current address was used to rent a car in Rowlette, TX, & that a Rowlette address was also given. Then he told me that US Marshall’s raided the house at the Rowlette address & found 22 pounds of cocaine and now I’m under suspicion for fraud & money laundering! My credit is pitiful (score is less than 500) so I don’t know why anyone would want to steal my identity! I could barely understand the guy because of his accent, so I’m heading up to my local SSA office now to report this."

CALLER ID: (254) 326-1327‬
CALLER COMPANY: Social Security Administration

Submitted by Chris on January 17, 2019
"I received the phone call twice today, In electronic voice. Hi this is officially a final notice from the department of social security administration. And the reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there is a legal enforcement actions filed on your social security number for fraudulent activities. So when you get this message kindly call back to us at the earliest possible before we begin with the legal proceedings on our number that is 254-326-1327."


Submitted by Ian on January 17, 2019
"Scam robocall"

Submitted by Rosa on January 16, 2019
"“So when you get this message kindly call back at the earliest possible on our number before we begin with the legal proceedings that is 254-326-1327 I repeat 254-326-1327 thank you…”"

CALLER ID: 2543261327

Submitted by Tx on January 11, 2019
"Robocall claims to be Social Security and my ssn is being used fraudulently and they will take legal action against me unless I call m them..."

Submitted by Gail Smith on January 11, 2019
"called said that my social socurity was being fraudlulently being used and to call this # 2543261327"

CALLER ID: 1-254-326-1327

Submitted by kim on January 10, 2019
"they call from Waco saying they are social security and if you don't call they will take it all. SCAM ALERT"

CALLER ID: 2543261327


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