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Have you received a call from 258-745-8965? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (258) 745-8965

258-745-8965 / (258) 745-8965 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by bookdiva on June 11, 2016
"Got a call from a man named Stephen who told me that Windows was sending them error messages. Told him I was reporting him to the BBB and the police. He hung up on me."

CALLER ID: 258-745-8965

Submitted by Guest User on June 02, 2016
"called me 6.2.16. Told me my computer had been sending them error messages for a couple of weeks and they were from Microsoft 10 windows. I told them ok, and I would throw the computer away for sending messages without my permission. they did not call back."

Submitted by ANON on June 02, 2016
"Guy from India has called 20- 30 times saying my computer is infected and nneds to repair it. I told him to fck off! each time"

CALLER ID: 258-745-8965

Submitted by Helen on June 01, 2016
"Crank call, pick up the phone, no voice answered."

CALLER ID: 2587458965

Submitted by Betsy on May 31, 2016
"this number phoned me at 1:30 pm today 5/31. I didn't answer, and it hung up without leaving a message on my voice mail. As I have registered with and had my phone unlisted with my phone company, I will no longer answer calls without a name or number that I recognize."

Submitted by Guest User on May 30, 2016
"Some person called from this number, caller ID: unavailable and sounded like from India saying my computer has been hacked and I needed to let them fix it. I said no and they threatened me that they were going to damage and shut down my microsoft software if I didn't let them fix it. I hung up. Message came in on Memorial day 2016 at 3:30p."

Submitted by Ron on May 30, 2016
"Computer tech support scam, it was fun to see how long I could keep them on the phone so that they would not be calling others."



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