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Have you received a call from 287-350-4895? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (287) 350-4895

287-350-4895 / (287) 350-4895 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Julie McGuire on March 01, 2019
"This number has called my landline and requesting my medicare number."

Submitted by BDTorres on February 27, 2019
"Requesting my mother for verification of Medicare Card. Asked if she got a new Medicare cared. I asked for a written request. Person with an Asian/Hindu accent said they could not send it in writing and volunteer his name and employee number. I said Medicare does not call people. I did not even let him ask any more questions and hung up."

CALLER ID: Anonymous

Submitted by lynda von Wieck on February 26, 2019
"got a call saying there is a problem with my new Medicare card. I didn't wait for more conversation, just hung up."

CALLER ID: 1-287-350-4895
CALLER COMPANY: unavailable

Submitted by Bonnie Brown on February 25, 2019
"got a call on my cell phone. # 287-
350-4895. there was a lot of conversations in the background. This person has a accent from India. Wanted to know if I received my new med. care card. Asked for the # on it said he was going add new upgrades. Said I didn't it with me. Then asked for my ssi #. told him I will call him back. He said no I will call you back. and there it was it's a scam. I called the # its disconnected."

Submitted by Ellettsville Resident on February 21, 2019
"When I answered, there was nobody there, although I did hear background noises."

CALLER ID: 287 350 4895

Submitted by Boyce on February 20, 2019
"I answered the phone at my grandmothers house asking to speak to her about her medicare card. I asked that they mail a letter explaining what was going on to the address they had on file. He said that they couldn't do that without me verifying info. There was a lot of background noise. It was 7pm and I know that the medicare office was closed. so I hung up"

CALLER ID: 2873504895
CALLER COMPANY: unavailable

Submitted by Connie tripplett on February 19, 2019
"Calls repeatedly all hours of the day and night and weekend will not stop calling"

Submitted by Christine Hensley-Robbins on February 15, 2019
"Call at all times of the evening, Lots of background conversations and then a hangup."

CALLER ID: 2873504895

Submitted by Pamela Cumming on February 15, 2019
"I get calls from this number frequently it is unnecessary this is harassment and this needs to stop"

CALLER ID: 287 350 4895
CALLER COMPANY: The aguilar family

Submitted by Jim Steiner on February 14, 2019
"Caller called and said my Medicare card was disconnected and needed to be reinstated and did I receive a new card. When I told the caller to hold while I got a pen and paper to gather some information, he hung up. I was suspicious as he had a foreign accent. I've dealt with spam like this before."

CALLER ID: 1 287-350-4895
CALLER COMPANY: Caller said he was from Medicar

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