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Have you received a call from 302-504-6224? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (302) 504-6224

302-504-6224 / (302) 504-6224 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kim Gammons on October 25, 2019
"My husband and I have been receiving calls for weeks now from this company. They have called from several numbers and even one in Greensboro, NC. They have harassed us saying our father-in-law is involved in some legal situation but they can’t tell me or my husband anything. We have asked them to stop calling and it is to the point that I have threatened to sue."

CALLER ID: 302-504-6223
CALLER COMPANY: Dawson & Weber

Submitted by Steven Evans on October 18, 2019
"They said I was part of a civil lawsuit oh, they gave me the name of the company. I called them they have no information about me.."

CALLER ID: 302 504-6224

Submitted by Amy Rix on October 17, 2019
"Some mediation group saying I owe for a credit card from years ago!! I've had a credit card ever in my name of anykind in my name!! My credit sucks!! NOONE EILL GIVE ME ONE!! SOME NASTY BITCH ON THE PHONE WAS VERY RUDE ON THE PHONE! THEY HAVE MY FRIGGIN SS# THAT'S WHAT I'm really upset about!!!"

CALLER ID: 1-302-504-6224

Submitted by LD on October 15, 2019
"I've received 2 calls in the last 2 days from this number, leaving a message that says the same thing as above in the comment left by WC and CS on October 8th."

CALLER ID: 302-504-6224

Submitted by Maureen StPierre on October 14, 2019
"Got a recorded message looking for someone named Christie"

CALLER ID: 302-504-6224

Submitted by SCAM CITY on October 11, 2019
"This number has been blocked over an d over! Same BS. Calls my business asking for the wrong person. Same BS as above, fraudsters. How about you give your work/business number and I call you all the time...ASS!"


Submitted by Bren on October 11, 2019
"I too have received this call. I had received a call from him a few months ago and blocked the number. I don't know how he can still leave a voicemail. Must be my number block software. Like the rest here, I wish they'd get this dude!"

Submitted by Cindy grigsby on October 09, 2019
"Said was looking for Tracy miller. Then recording about a law suit and the ability to refute it at this time..or give up the right to refute it..something like that."

Submitted by BD on October 09, 2019
"Rick Howard is on a roll, he called me today with the same message stating i have a short window of 72 hours to respond and at the end of the message stated GOOD LUCK! Number has been blocked!"

CALLER ID: 3025046224

Submitted by SC on October 09, 2019
""This is Rick Howard. We have been retained here by the point of the process and to solicit(?) a civil complaint which names .... I hung up at that point. I have gotten calls before and so has my adult autistic son. Have tried to block the number but you cannot block them. When I don't answer it goes to voice mail. Last time this happened, months ago it was relentless so I am expecting a barage of calls."

CALLER ID: CALLER ID: 302-504-6224

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