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Have you received a call from 312-471-1625? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (312) 471-1625

312-471-1625 / (312) 471-1625 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jennifer C. on June 30, 2020
"The voicemail stated that there were several pending allegations pending against me and they were ready to bargain due to COVID. Otherwise they would pursue the allegations in court."

CALLER ID: 312 471-1625

Submitted by Sue G on June 22, 2020
"stated I was going to be served papers sometime this month. Never mention my name or anything."

Submitted by Donna on April 08, 2020
"Stating I took out a loan in 2012 and I owe more than a $1,000 however if I make a payment now, they will bring it down to $200 due to the covid-19 problems. If I refuse to do so there will be a judgement against me."


Submitted by Nickolas Webb on March 25, 2020
"Said I took out a payday loan for an account I never had"

CALLER COMPANY: They didn't say

Submitted by dawn MCCORMICK on March 19, 2020
"threatening me to make a statement and if they dont hear from me they will press charges"

Submitted by Tammy Hansen on February 24, 2020
"Recording stated that some legal matter will be pursued in a "legal setting" unless they hear from me today."

Submitted by Kimberly Lorenz on January 03, 2020
"Called me stating I would be served documents and I can't settle unless I pay first."

CALLER COMPANY: 312-471-1625

Submitted by Shemika on December 06, 2019
"Called me stating I would be served documents to appear in court. Person stated I could settle but wouldn’t be able to send any documentation until I gave him my card info for payment."

CALLER COMPANY: Apex Management

Submitted by Gwendolyn Smith on November 06, 2019
"Has left numerous harassing messages at my place of employment. Stated false information of attempted contact at my place of residence as well as my place of employment."

CALLER ID: V10617073300041


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