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Have you received a call from 326-291-4831? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (326) 291-4831

326-291-4831 / (326) 291-4831 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by daveD on September 21, 2016
"calls at all hours. I don't answer calls from "name not found" LOL"

CALLER ID: "name not found"
CALLER COMPANY: don't know

Submitted by Kim on September 17, 2016
"We receive multiple calls from this number stating they are from the technical department of Windows software. I have asked them multiple times to stop calling our number and remove us from their list- to no avail."

CALLER ID: 326-291-4831 unknown name
CALLER COMPANY: unknown name

Submitted by Beverly on September 14, 2016
"I have been getting phone calls from this number 326-291-4831 since Aug. 31, 2016 up until this morning 7:27am. The first day I received 5 possible 6 all day long. They tell me I have computer problems. I want this to stop PLEASE.."


Submitted by Guest User on September 12, 2016
"They called at 7:15 am.......i was expecting a serice I one was there....."

CALLER ID: 325-291-4831

Submitted by Mary on September 05, 2016
"This number calls several times a day"

Submitted by Barbara on September 01, 2016
"Hung up before I picked up. Have received computer problems calls twice this week. Hung up when I threated to report them to PUC."


Submitted by Maria on August 26, 2016
"These folks starting calling about 2 weeks ago. I don't answer and they let the voice message complete and then hang up. I decided today to answer on the first ring and surprisingly, a woman answered who I think was disguising her own voice with a fake accent. I let her proceed with her spiel about "Windows errors" on my computer and I pretended to follow her instructions so that I could resolve my "fake" Windows issues. She told me to hit the "CTRL key + the Windows key" together and she said my screen should have changed. She wanted to know what the screen was saying and I made up something to let her know I knew she was a scammer. She immediately hung up. This is the 2nd call today. They are persistent."

CALLER ID: 326-291-4831
CALLER COMPANY: Name Unavailable

Submitted by Barbara on August 23, 2016
"They called twice yesterday and 7am this morning. They keep telling me I have an issue with my windows computer.I told the second caller he was full of ***** , I didn't have a windows computer. This morning she told me I have issues with my windows program. I asked her what company she was calling from and she hung up. The connections are bad and they don't speak English well."

CALLER ID: 3262914831

Submitted by Brenda on August 04, 2016
"I've been receiving about a call a day from these people. Say they had my name and information, yet could not provide me with it. When I asked for their contact information, it was refused."

Submitted by MaryJaye Simms on August 01, 2016
"we started getting calls July 27, 2016. The calls are early am, afternoon and as late as 8pm. 2-4 calls a day. they let the answering machine engage so we have 2-4 messages with just a disconnect. When I have answered the phone they hang up.
Who is this and what do they want?"

CALLER COMPANY: (326) 291-4831

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