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Have you received a call from 331-462-2307? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (331) 462-2307

331-462-2307 / (331) 462-2307 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by BrB on February 12, 2018
"I received a call saying I needed to call then back that they have 4 accounts against me a d that the cops were going to show up and arrest me. Funny! I've never done anything. Scammer"

CALLER ID: 331-462-2307

Submitted by PR on February 12, 2018
"That's funny... I've received the same call many times... No one has come to arrest me yet despite living across the street from a Police Station. :-)"

Submitted by PZ on February 12, 2018
"same as other complaints. just blocked them"

CALLER ID: 3314622307

Submitted by Lei R on February 11, 2018
"Received the robocall message threatening to take me into custody. They should be facing criminal charges making threats to people."

CALLER ID: 331-462-2307

Submitted by Tony jenkins on February 11, 2018
"Said the cops are gonna come get me."

Submitted by Cac on February 11, 2018
"Scam number is from Illinois I live in the NY Metro area."

CALLER ID: ‭+1 (331) 462-2307‬

Submitted by JR on February 10, 2018
"Calls multiple times a day. Leaves vm that I have 4 criminal allegations against me and I will be picked up by local police officials if I do not call to discuss my case immediately. SCAM!!"

CALLER ID: 331-462-2307

Submitted by JP on February 10, 2018
"A robotic voice accused me of having 4 allegations of criminal ... and I hung up"

CALLER ID: 331-462-2307

Submitted by James on February 10, 2018
"Robot calling saying I would be arrested if I don't call back for 4 allegations on me."

CALLER ID: Lombard, IL

Submitted by Anne on February 10, 2018
"Got 3 calls within 12 hours. I got very nervous as I can't hear very well. These people should be arrested."


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