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Have you received a call from 334-539-0012? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (334) 539-0012

334-539-0012 / (334) 539-0012 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Sharon on December 05, 2019
"Your social security number has been used in fraudulent activities. You need to call us back before we start legal proceedings against you."

CALLER ID: 334-539-0012

Submitted by JL on December 03, 2019
"Another report with the same scenario--the call was received by my elderly mother today. Thankfully, she didn't fall for the scam but was upset to the point that I feared her anxiety would have medical consequences. There is a special place in hell for people like this who use fear to prtey on the most vulnerable among us."

CALLER ID: 334-539-0012

Submitted by Summer on December 03, 2019
"They called twice- an automated message was left both times: “social security number has been suspected for fraudulent activities. So once you get this message, kindly call us back on our number before we begin with the legal proceedings against you. The number is 334-539-0012. Thank you”"

CALLER ID: 1(334)539-0012

Submitted by Pamela Williams on December 03, 2019
"Call saying my social security number is suspected of fraudulent activity - I must call them back to avoid legal proceedings against me."

CALLER ID: 334-539-0012

Submitted by Debbie on December 03, 2019
"Claiming legal taken against me and my SS
Phone number

CALLER ID: 334-539-0012 Auburn, AL

Submitted by Brenda on December 03, 2019
"I have had (4) calls from this # today. I am supposedly on a "do not call" list....that's a joke right?"

CALLER ID: 3345390012

Submitted by Stephanie on December 03, 2019
"Claiming legal taken against me and my SS
Phone number


Submitted by Dan on December 03, 2019
"They said fraudulent stuff occurred under my s.s. number then wanted me to tell them NY s.s."

CALLER ID: Alabama call 3345390012

Submitted by Megan on December 03, 2019
"They called and when I answered it was a machine stating that I owed money through my ss and that legal action would take place if I did not call back. So I called back to mess with them and the guy went on telling me that all Americans are stupid cause they fall for his scam, and then admitted he lived in Honduras. You can tell right away they are scammers by the way he speaks and how uneducated he was about how ss works in America, I told him if you could tell me what my ss is I'll play ball, still messing with him, and he goes oh i have your ss but you need to tell me what it is so that I have it,(contradiction). I told him no, and that in America no adjidamit company would ask me to give them my ss through the phone. And the asks me "why did you call then" and I told him just to mess with you. Then he hung up. Lol. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY! INFORMATION ABOUT YOU!!! COMPLETE SCAM!"

CALLER ID: 3345390012

Submitted by Mr. James Thompson on December 02, 2019
"Something about owing something and will start proceedings for something. They call just about every day. We owe nothing to no one.My wife and I are Medical Professionas."


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