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Have you received a call from 347-898-3661? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (347) 898-3661

347-898-3661 / (347) 898-3661 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by KP on February 17, 2021
"And yup. Telling that rotten ***** now that she either pays me the child support Glen owes me or my police officer/lawyer boyfriend is coming after her."

CALLER ID: 347-898-3661

Submitted by Kayla on March 19, 2020
"This Nicole person is getting on my nerves. Asking about glen. I don’t give two ***** s about either of them"

CALLER ID: +1 (347) 898-3661

Submitted by Anonymous on March 15, 2020
"This person texted saying hello so I asked who they were. They said their name was Nicole and said that I knew Glenn, and then started asking how old I was. I explained I didn’t know anyone named Glenn and they just kept spamming me with “how old are you” and “I’m Nicole”"

Submitted by Luis on January 05, 2020
"This dude keeps calling my daughter, which is only 8 years old, same as other people continue say he wants to tickle her and wants to meet her. Can anyone help?
Person with this number is sick (347)898-3661"

Submitted by Anna on November 30, 2019
"Same as everyone else.. keeps asking for Glenn. Extremely annoying."

CALLER ID: 347-898-3661

Submitted by Miranda on October 31, 2019
"This "person" has been calling me nonstop for months now. It was once a 929 number and now its this 347 number. Always looking for Glenn, asking to meet. I keep giving them random addresses in NYC. "Nicole" keeps asking to be friends and wants to "tickle" me. I've cursed them out, ask Nicole to leave me alone and continues to harass me. Is there anything being done about this?!?! This is extremely annoying."

CALLER ID: 347-898-3661

Submitted by Mandan on September 14, 2019
"the above number keep on calling people for no reason"

Submitted by Ticked Off on July 30, 2019
"I've been receiving texts/calls from "Nicole" for over a year. I'm sick of it. The calls have been coming in to my work line so there's not a lot I can do to stop them.

Their number changes every 6 weeks or so (probably using Google voice or similar). I wish this person would bug off and leave us all alone!"

CALLER ID: 3478983661

Submitted by Em on July 28, 2019
"Some chic called nicole wanted to speak to Glenn and repeatedly calls and texts"

CALLER ID: +1 (347) 898-3661

Submitted by Sandra on July 20, 2019
"3478983661- Nicole wanted Glenn. The caller would not talk and said, she is a girlfriend. The caller wanted to text and to see my on my phone. The caller would not call to reveal her gender by voice or answer my call to check the gender of who I was texting with. I would not do an visual and wanted to end the text conservation. The caller refuse to end the texts. I close down the phone."

CALLER ID: 3478983661


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