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Have you received a call from 359-458-2179? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (359) 458-2179

359-458-2179 / (359) 458-2179 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Gainerd McNeely on May 09, 2017
"Calling every few minutes. Tried blocking by blocking everyone not on my call list which is a good idea in case I get an important call from someone not on my call list."

Submitted by Frank Laranko on May 08, 2017
"Amazingly annoying. I got his name and phone number and told him i was reporting him but now cals every 5 minutes"

CALLER ID: 3594582179

Submitted by pissed on May 08, 2017
"keeps calling every minute!!!!!"

CALLER ID: 359-458-2179

Submitted by Patrick minor on May 04, 2017
"Offering a government grant you do not have to pay back or pay taxes on. You just have to answer a few simple questions. Will call back til there are answered."

CALLER ID: United states

Submitted by Peggy on May 03, 2017
"They dont give up! Ive had at least 6 calls today! It happens daily & im sick of it. Im disabled, and if I hurry to answer the call I could hurt myself, and have! This needs to STOP!!!"

CALLER ID: 359-458-2179

Submitted by Jesseca on May 03, 2017
"received 3 calls today but didn't answer"

CALLER ID: 359-458-2179

Submitted by G Hurd on May 03, 2017
"Fraud call from a phone boiler room."

Submitted by Daniel on May 03, 2017
"Every day I get back to back calls on my work phone from 359-458-2179. No one ever says anything. Can someone please tell me how to stop them?"

CALLER ID: 359-458-2179

Submitted by Hope on May 02, 2017
"They call literally every 4 mins and I can't block them on this phone..don't know what to do..."

Submitted by Regina Hunley on May 02, 2017
"Yes same thing they are telling everyone else. When I requested to be removed they said that would not happen until I answered their qualifying questions. I actually own an air horn that I have right here beside me for the next time their number shows up. I will also be reporting to the State Attorney General. Seriously folks...Didn't DeVoss just cut all federal funding for this type of grant. Why can they get away with this and who falls for this??"

CALLER ID: 359-458-2179

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