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Have you received a call from 360-589-5274? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (360) 589-5274

360-589-5274 / (360) 589-5274 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by sabrina on August 04, 2020
"they told me they were from microsoft also and that i had to pay $299.00 to get my computer back but little do they know i'm going to get the dirt on them and send to every internet site and to the cops and who ever eles i can find and make sure they really look bad i might even find away there and fix them but good"

CALLER ID: 360-589-5274

Submitted by Jim on January 18, 2020
"Same as many on this site... said I owed them $500 and wanted in my computer...he said he was from Microsoft...he has since called 5 times... we have blocked the caller"

Submitted by Molly on January 17, 2020
"I stupidly returned the call - I even gave them access to my computer - at one point as I was not trusting - the person yelled at me told me he would shut down my computer and charge my account $599.00 but I kept asking what account.."

CALLER COMPANY: Microsoft (per caller)

Submitted by Lin on January 17, 2020
"Just showed up on my cell this morning before 8:30 PST. Thankfully, my phone alerted me that it was scam so I did not answer it. I'm also grateful for this site where we can share the warning."

Submitted by Joe on January 15, 2020
"Came us as POTENTIAL SPAM - thank you Apple, so I didn't answer. After reading the comments glad I didn't"

CALLER ID: Potential Spam

Submitted by CAROLYN A TOKARCIK on January 15, 2020
"Caller stated that my computer protection has expired and that $299 will be deducted from my account."

CALLER ID: We don't have caller ID

Submitted by Nancy on January 15, 2020
"Same as above. Have received three call today thus far. The first one saying I would be charged $10, and the next two $299. Don't know if they threatened with anything because I hung up first! Not that I'm planning on returning the calls, but does anyone know what happens if you do?"

Submitted by Debra Oleary on January 10, 2020
"call states that they will take $299 out of my account and I should call them back on 360-589-5274"


Submitted by Deb on April 06, 2018
"Same as others. Four serious allegations against me and I'll be arrested by the cops."

CALLER ID: Aberdeen, WA

Submitted by Bob Guynn on April 06, 2018
"Same as above messages...came in at 2:17PM on 4/5/18, from Aberdeen, WA. Robotic voice claiming multiple IRS infractions and failure to call that same # back within 24hrs would result in arrest “by the Cops”. Had it on the car speaker-phone. My passengers got quite a howl out of that call...So, at the least, it was entertaining!"

CALLER ID: +1 (360) 589-5274

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