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Have you received a call from 380-111-4858? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (380) 111-4858

380-111-4858 / (380) 111-4858 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by L Brown on August 28, 2017
"kept hanging up"

CALLER ID: Invalid number

Submitted by TSH on August 18, 2017
"Received call from 380-111-4858 claiming the need to access my computer to protect it. Said his company was a contracted arm of Microsoft."

CALLER ID: no text
CALLER COMPANY: Said was a contractor for Microsoft

Submitted by Todd on August 14, 2017
"Claimed to be in computer security, and that he said he needed to access my computer to protect it from attack"

Submitted by Patti on August 01, 2017
"call our office has an Indian accent said he was calling from a network security and that our computers are infected with malware which is being sent to them from our computers. I told him he is a liar and a scammer and hung up on him."

CALLER ID: 380 111 4858
CALLER COMPANY: microsoft security

Submitted by Wendy on July 27, 2017
"Indian guy called me saying he was from 'cybersecurity' and they were getting activity from my cmoputer. Hung up. Hang up the phone and DO NOT talk to them. It's a scam to get personal info from you and get access to your computer."

Submitted by carolynn on July 27, 2017
"JUst got a call from this number. Sounds like the same guy as above posts, however he
wasn't rude just persistant. I told him I wasn't comfortable with the call and told him Id have my nephew who was a computer tech call him back. the number he gave me was 1-855-675-0098 he said ask for james"

CALLER ID: 1-380-111-4858
CALLER COMPANY: claimed to be Microsoft

Submitted by Mercedes on July 20, 2017
"Called claiming to be network security, I said funny I have no computer. He insisted I did haha, I assure you I don't. He had an Indian accent. He said he had my cell number listed, my address, and my home address and I said yeah because you looked me up. He did apologize for inconvenience and I just hung up."

CALLER ID: (380) 111-4858

Submitted by Diane on July 13, 2017
"Indian man yelling at me about my computer in the house has a security issue! Who is this idiot!!!!!!? I told him he has the wrong phone number"

CALLER ID: (380) 111-4858

Submitted by Plo on July 04, 2017
"I never ever answer a call from a number I don't recognize; but I will "search it". Yep, I blocked it. That and I figured no legitimate company would be calling an American on the 4th of July!"

CALLER ID: 380-111-4858

Submitted by Rebecca on July 04, 2017
"A man with Indian accent claiming to be calling from network security ... I didn't talk to him, I just hung up my phone."

CALLER ID: 380-111-4858

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