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Have you received a call from 1-410-200-503? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 1-410-200-503

1-410-200-503 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kandice on November 19, 2021
"Received text stating "Fifth Third-Mobile-Alert SUBJ: Call 812-575-0468 Now 0gt7. MSG:MSG ID 329-Account Limited!"

CALLER ID: 410-200-503
CALLER COMPANY: Fifth Third Bank

Submitted by mbohanan on November 19, 2021
"says my ipad is ready to ship. Addy:"

Submitted by Cherry on November 16, 2021
"Message states AT&T make the holidays joyful, then asks to click link."

CALLER ID: 1410200503

Submitted by Frank on November 02, 2021
"Said I need to claim a 100$ reward from AT&T - Hurry UP!"

CALLER ID: 1410200503

Submitted by Dan on September 29, 2021
FCUContact 956-622-4729

Submitted by jackieo on July 20, 2021
"text said from Chase, to call a local number, followed by a series of letters...def a scam...block and ...!"

CALLER ID: 410-200-503

Submitted by Charlie on July 08, 2021
"FRM:Yoder Slade"

CALLER ID: 1 (410) 200-503

Submitted by Dana on July 05, 2021
"Received text from 1-410-200-503 with the below info:
FRM: Brenda Emerson
(Addresses a persons name and address)
Then a link to http//"

CALLER ID: 1410200503

Submitted by annoyed on July 03, 2021
"3 text messages in a row with log in instructions"

CALLER ID: regions mobile bank alert

Submitted by Keven on January 23, 2021
"Received a text asking if I'm ok.
Message read: FRM:Bsbk Whn MSG.--Are you ok?
Doesn't even make sense and the so-called phone number is missing a digit. Blocked it. Suggest you do the same."

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