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Have you received a call from 425-201-3344? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (425) 201-3344

425-201-3344 / (425) 201-3344 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jen on December 12, 2018
"Same thing Next call is to payroll or HR, Scam!"

Submitted by Jean on July 11, 2018
"Received a call from this number with instructions to call a Canadian number 844-294-0074 regarding document services and proceedings that may occur without my parti ***** tion.

CALLER ID: 425-201-3344
CALLER COMPANY: Document Services Dispatch

Submitted by Cindy on January 19, 2018
"A lady stating her name is Rita Cole left a voice-mail indicating their is a complaint notice against me. If I don't call 844.702.3294 they will notify HR. There is zero reason for complaint against me, it's a scam. The number that showed up on caller ID is 425.201.3344."

CALLER ID: 4252013344

Submitted by Elizabeth on January 16, 2018
"They keep calling my cell phone directing me to another number with threats"

CALLER ID: 4252013344

Submitted by T on January 15, 2018
"Same as above was stated. I know 100 that I have no bad debts."

CALLER ID: 4252013344
CALLER COMPANY: Nothing stated

Submitted by LaJuana on January 11, 2018
"Called my brother 1st then called me stating my as well as his HR department would be called unless I return the call and settle the debt. The name they were asking for I haven't used or 12 years and I have no valid debt from 12 years ago. The company name was misspelled and only opened in 2017."

CALLER ID: 4252013344
CALLER COMPANY: Departmente of public records

Submitted by Gene on December 28, 2017
"She called saying they need me to call another # with a access # to retrieve important civil documents because nobody was home to accept physical delivery on two attempts.

I called the other # and they want $800 to settle a debt from 2011 today or I will be reported. I started quizzing her on the details and the story didn't sound plausible on why she is now collecting on a Debt from a old checking account that I closed back in 2010. Told her to send physical documents b/c somebody would be home all week... Never happened."

CALLER ID: 4252013344

Submitted by Bob on December 19, 2017
"Received a message stating.

"You must call back this number regarding a civil matter if you do not respond I am required to contact your HR of last known employer""


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