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Submitted by Norm on November 27, 2018
"This woman is a prostitute in Toronto/Ontario Canada. I made the mistake of getting to know her behind my partners back. What is important is to inform others that not only is she working but actually loves when she has an “outbreak” (herpes) and can “love trying to rub myself against married men’s genitalia when I have an open sore and hopes to give him herpes and take it home to his wifey” she has called my wife over 20 times a day threatening and scaring her and making my life hell. She’s psychotic and thought I would leave my wife for her and when reality hit her she went absolutely psychotic and is completely illogical and obsessive with destroying my life. Please take warning and Ofcourse I can’t stop anyone but I at least can stop many similar situations with this woman."

CALLER ID: 4379976728


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