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Submitted by Sydnee on May 18, 2018
"Called claiming to have received my number to award me a US government aided grant...I never applied for a grant or loan from the US government. I said I wasn't interested and said that I believed his phone call to be a scam. He got really angry with me for calling him a scammer. Called me a fool among other things and when I demanded to speak to his supervisor, he refused my request by saying he was the supervisor of the call. I tried to tell him that whether he was a scam or not, I wasn't interested in what he was offering. He just kept saying over and over "I do not need any personal information or a single dollar from you, so why do you think that I am a scammer?" His refusal to let me speak to his superior as well as his enraged reaction to me calling him a potential scammer led me to become irate and when I asked him to repeat his intent for calling me (albeit 6-7 times this morning alone) he hung up on me. The first time I was called by this number I spoke to a woman. She hung up on me when I picked up the phone. Both callers were definitely of Indian descent, with heavy Indian accents to the point where I often had to ask them to repeat themselves to get a better idea of the intent of their call."

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