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Have you received a call from 470-403-2656? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (470) 403-2656

470-403-2656 / (470) 403-2656 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by crystal on May 26, 2020
"this man can called tring to collect on a debt that is more than 7 years old. i told him send me to court. he said thats fine i deal with theives all the time...then he hung up i called back and said maybe if he were professional i would of considered it. he asked if i were an american citizen. i told him its none if your buisness then i got loud. he yelled out my social security number and told me im going to court to be arrested. im ignorant cause i was born in 86 and i dont know what im talking about. who do i contact to report harssment"

Submitted by LRae on May 14, 2020
"He has now changed his name to Tim Hardin and slightly different phone number 470-648-5530 but same info about JCPenney, the bank, my county and birthday. Same CMG law office which is how I found this site."

CALLER ID: 470-648-5530

Submitted by Anja Stewart on March 03, 2020
"Caller stating he is a lawyer threatening with arrest"


Submitted by MommaD on March 02, 2020
"This idiot called me last year with the same bull ***** story. Pretty much the same exact thing everyone else has said. Threatening to take you to court, have your lawyer call us. Then 3 days later he calls my daughter who lives in another state. Someone needs to stop this asshat. We all know that elderly people fall for it because they are intimidated by them. Knowing the laws helps."

CALLER ID: 1-470-403-2656

Submitted by Tami on March 02, 2020
"Guy named Glen Sams called to say this is the last week I can fix the situation with The Bank. He said he is a cenior paralegal from CMG group, which I looked up and is a company who manages mutual funds...etc, and JC Penney's hired him for a civil suit. He said if my attorneys do not contact him this week he will mark me a willful evasion. He said it is not a scam and if I or my attorney's do not call him back this week something like my county will be coming after me. Never had a JC Penney account so...."

CALLER ID: 4704032656
CALLER COMPANY: No Company, a Scam

Submitted by Amy on February 26, 2020
"Wow Glen Sam has been a busy guy! He claimed to be a senior paralegal filing a civil suite against me for a Sear mastercard card bill for $200.00 back in 2014 and now I owe $2328.28 for court costs.He left me several threatening messages and acted sketchy and I never received anything in the mail and knew I didn't owe anything so I started researching online and found this site."

CALLER ID: 470-403-2656

Submitted by Tesh on February 19, 2020
"I am soooo angry, knowing this piece of ***** is getting money from people who are not checking on his scam and believes they are in trouble!!!!
Yep, ole Glen Sams has been calling myself, my brother and my office saying he’s trying to collect debt my 80 year old mom owes. WRONG!!!! He has been rude and threatening.
My mom has never had a card with “The Bank” and has no debt!
This man is dangerous and seriously needs arrested and shut down immediately!
He will continue to do this because obviously people are buying into his bull ***** and giving him money!
He hung up on me when I told him my husband is a Police Officer, my sister works at the courthouse he claims he filed at that my attorney needed to talk to him now!
Stupid F!!!!!!!"

CALLER ID: 4704032656
CALLER COMPANY: 4704032656

Submitted by Natasha on January 28, 2020
"He keeps calling and harassing me saying I have a warrant for me and they are going to take my income tax 4704032656"

CALLER ID: 4704032656
CALLER COMPANY: 4704032656

Submitted by Paul on January 14, 2020
"Stated I have legal issues with a bank, and several complaints."

Submitted by Clayton E. Lee Kelley on January 13, 2020
"Got a call fro Glen Sams who said he was a paralegal and that THE Bank (did not name bank) was filing legal action agains me with Williamson County (Texas) Superior Court. Did not say the name of the bank that he was representing or give the name of any lawyer handeling this case"

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