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Have you received a call from 470-403-2656? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (470) 403-2656

470-403-2656 / (470) 403-2656 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Paul on January 14, 2020
"Stated I have legal issues with a bank, and several complaints."

Submitted by Clayton E. Lee Kelley on January 13, 2020
"Got a call fro Glen Sams who said he was a paralegal and that THE Bank (did not name bank) was filing legal action agains me with Williamson County (Texas) Superior Court. Did not say the name of the bank that he was representing or give the name of any lawyer handeling this case"

Submitted by mickey on January 02, 2020
"Called me and left a msg saying he was Glen Sam Senior Paralegal and a Military specialist. Threatened me with UCMJ (military justice) and to call them back or they would proceed. He said he would be contacting our superior court (does he mean supreme lol). Sounded like he was reading from a . He ended the call with, "good luck" and bs about wanted to help fellow military as he is one himself (gtfo)"

CALLER COMPANY: cmg law firm

Submitted by Karen Parker on January 02, 2020
"Called me and left a voice mail message alleging legal action in Hillsborough county pending against my deceased mother.
This is disturbing and without any factual basis."

Submitted by Tina on December 18, 2019
"He called and left a threatening message about malicious theft. Said his name was Glen Sam and he was going to Mirandize me. I laughed and he hung up. Missouri"

CALLER ID: 470-403-2656

Submitted by Jl on December 17, 2019
"Called and was very rude and kept saying uhhh like he was making things up as he went. Said my wages were going to be garnished and they were moving forward with my counties "superior" court hahahhaah. Dont let him or the "company " scam you."

CALLER ID: 4704032656
CALLER COMPANY: Glen Sam's? With cmg

Submitted by Barry on December 12, 2019
"4704032656 called and said he was asking for Leonardo, asked if I knew other people. A Georgia number, talking about how I should expect a visit from Harris County. Called me "Pedro" as an insult. Said I had time to go get a burrito. Said he hopes I have bought all of my Christmas presents already. Pretended to speak to someone else, saying, "Be sure to grab his license plates and make and model," and that I will find out in 30 minutes who they are. Said I have "no idea who [I was] calling." Damn, right, since he wouldn't connect me to a supervisor or let me know who HE was. I've been calling him back regularly. 7 minutes will be my 30-minute check-in to let him know that I still haven't met anyone from Harris County."

Submitted by Michelle on November 28, 2019
"I keep getting calls from him also threatening me. Says he is senior paralegal, I say he is a jerk and liar. I have no outstanding debts says he is filing with courts on me but if I paid now attorney would waive fees. Keep saying he has sent me papers with info but I have received nothing. I am sending this to the FBI to investigate since I work there. Bunch of BS that people get away with this type of harassment.
I would like to see these type of people put away for their scams"

CALLER ID: 470-403-2656

Submitted by Garrett on November 21, 2019
"Got a call from Glen Sams w/ the same threats as everyone else. Before him it was Kathy Johnson. Never had this credit card. Theyve been threatening me w legal action for about a year now"

Submitted by Karma on November 18, 2019
"My mom who is in her mid 80s, had a message to call this #. Loser scammer "Glen Sams" told her she owed 4500.00 From Citibank credit card. She told him she never had this card. He was rude to her so she hung up on him. She called me and was hysterical. I called the # from a secured line, and gave this guy an a$s rip. I later find out that on October 1st & October 28, my sister had received calls from "Kathy Johnson & Ken Wilson" who was trying to get a message to our mom. I work in the law enforcement arena and will be reporting to FBI, and the IA Attorney General's office, as well as NE as that is the State I work in. Makes me sick that these scammers prey on our elderly!"


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