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Have you received a call from 470-648-5530? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (470) 648-5530

470-648-5530 / (470) 648-5530 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Shantel on October 13, 2020
"This same phone number called 2 times saying I owe and said they were paralegals. Passed the phone once to another person. Now same “company””phone number” said I am being served. SAME NAMES AND SAME NUMBERS AND SAME FAKE THREAT. Fake business do not give them any info."

Submitted by Suzannein oct. 1 2020 on October 01, 2020
"A big voice guy called me named Tim Harding threatening me with a warrant for my arrest and taking driver's license for 1 year. He was collecting for Chase. Left 2 threatening voice mail on my husband's phone. I said I was going to Chase and told me better get my attorney when I go down there. People called from Chase and said they did extensive research and that I owed nothing. Mr. Franklin Grant said are you sure and then said well thank you and have a nice day. Ugh"

CALLER ID: 470-407-4202 & 470-648-5530
CALLER COMPANY: Mediation Associates

Submitted by Mr. G on August 28, 2020
"Happens frequently. Very frustrating"

Submitted by Jane doe on August 13, 2020
"A weirdo with his hand muffling his voice left a spoof message on my VM. Claimed he was Tim Harding, paralegal and referenced a friend of mine(who's not registered on MY phone), making THREATS to my friend saying..this was his last notice and he was going to be listed as non-cooperative,blah,blah,blah re: some bank(no name) that doesn't exist, SO...I called him back, hoping he'd pick up,no luck,but after informing him that he was a scammer, not a paralegal or he'd know the process and that NO REAL debt agency EVER leaves private info on VM, they send letters. I also told him everything was being recorded by me and at the least he violated my friend's privacy by leaving his personal info on MY phone and I'd be letting the appropriate authorities know about HIS criminal activity and I'd be happy to discuss it. Needless to say, Whoever he is(as I referred to him on VM) never called back!🤔😁😜"

CALLER ID: 470-648-5530

Submitted by Dottie C on July 12, 2020
"The man called and said he name was MR. Hart and was ask me if I was who I was by name and I said yes. Then he starts yelling and being rude. Would not let me say a word. Telling me I need to pay this HSBC account they would not give me the credit card only an account ending with 4 numbers which nothing matched on my 7 cc. He then said he will I give get served."

CALLER ID: 470-648-5530

Submitted by Patricia on July 01, 2020
"Man called 2 times. 1st time left a voicemail saying his name was Tim Harding. Said he was a paralegal with an attorney's office. Did not say the attorney's name. Wanted me to confirm social security number and birthday. Said they were taking me to Albany, NY supreme court for a bank but did not say what bank"

CALLER ID: 470-648-5530

Submitted by Veeda on June 29, 2020
"rude man called and kept talking over me and i couldnt understand who I supposedly owed. saying this is an Attorneys office not a collection agency. He wouldnt let me talk to ask questions so i hung up"

CALLER ID: 470-648-5530

Submitted by Linda C on June 24, 2020
"Called indicting someone that I do not know has failed to appear in court and they are escalating the matter. Very hard to understand. A lot of static and people in background. A lot of detail information about money owed to a place in Wichita Kansas in Sedgwick county."

CALLER ID: Unavailable

Submitted by jen ochoa on June 08, 2020
"Rude male left message on VM. He said he was going to send this onto the processor's office and said they are sending people to my address and I better have 2 forms of ID ready to show them. He listed an address and it was incorrect. hE said he represented the bank and listed names of people and said i had to tell them my issues and explain to them when someone comes knocking at our door"

CALLER ID: 4706485530

Submitted by Dawn on May 14, 2020
"A guy called my home number, threatened my daughter that the Sheriff would be called cause she hung up on him. She notified me crying. I called him back, he said he was collecting for Sears. They want their money or they are taking me to court. They didn’t have any correct address for me. My mom called and gave them my email, but I have not heard any more from them."

CALLER ID: 470-648-5530


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