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Have you received a call from 510-405-7213? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (510) 405-7213

510-405-7213 / (510) 405-7213 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Noname2 on April 01, 2020
"Same thing as everybody else word by word Deleted the number and block as well. Called and reported to the PD"

CALLER ID: +1 (510) 405-7213

Submitted by G on April 01, 2020
"Was on adult search, and got a text from this number. I d the # so not sure if it was same as someone I was messaging on the site.

"My boss just informed me not to send you any more text messages, he investigated about you, you only ask for pictures and waste the time of each of his girls, you are one of his main objectives, since all the girls in his company have made him waste valuable time, he has his active men to go to your house or your job, so I think it's better you try to talk to him before things get worse and you and your family and your work get involved in this."

Then 510-405-7213 texted me this along with a a bunch of beheading pictures. Some of them which were repetitive.

"Look I am a man of very few words, I am not playing with anyone so don't play with my girl or with my company, and the time that you make my girl lost to finally make no appointment that caused a fine to your name here in my agencies of 850 dollars and if you do not pay your fine of 850 dollars for the good who will suffer and pay the consequences of all of this will be your family. I hope you pay me for the good one, its better you answer because I already investigated everything about you and your family and my mens are ready to go to your address and do the work and if you try not to answer me look how i do to the person who just play with the girls of our cartel"

"I do not know if you want to involve your family in this problem"

"We are investigating wait"

I never had my name or address mentioned because I don't have a huge online social presence.

Deleted and blocked both numbers.

Called and reported to the LAPD & FBI. FBI said it was a scam."

CALLER ID: 510-405-7213

Submitted by Nonname on March 28, 2020
"Text messages threatening harm to my family if we don’t pay $850. Same as above with beheading pictures.."

CALLER ID: +1 (510) 405-7213

Submitted by Wade on March 26, 2020
"Same thing. Funny thing is they actually used the wrong house, they used a house I rent out to and had false information but I didn't say anything."

Submitted by Bob on March 26, 2020
"Same threating texts."

Submitted by VICTIM on March 26, 2020
"sane thing as everyone else,gruesome pics. threatinging to kill my family and tell my job."

CALLER ID: 5104057213

Submitted by Alain on March 26, 2020
"Text with picture for intimidation to fright me and my family."

Submitted by stevo on March 26, 2020
"ook if they have "personal" information on you google your number you will see how EASY it is to get peronal info i have had the same number for decades. the amount of call i gotten from IRL mafia cartel is been crazy this last year. i am changing my number and if this happens again i am no longer using contracts. i am going to switch over too prepaid as they dont require any info."

Submitted by Sean on March 25, 2020
"Text messages threatening harm to my family if we don’t pay $850. Same as above with beheading pictures, etc."

CALLER ID: 5104057213

Submitted by John Doe on March 20, 2020
"Got threatened by the 315-541-0536 # too, same messages as all the above. The site is nothing but russian scam artists who get your money via you buying a vanilla visa card for them or put $ in their paypal, then the girl doesn't show. Go figure! Cash only fellas! If not move on... I wouldn't sweet the hollow threats from the meow meow with the 510 #, he probably sports a little kids ***** & it makes him feel like a a big man threatening people from an anonymous cell ph #. LOL Next time leave an address big man! I'l come visit you, ***** ! Hope he reads this :)"

CALLER ID: 510-405-7213
CALLER COMPANY: Adult Search dot com

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