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+525613707238 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Shadow on January 05, 2021
"Pretended to be in trouble. Girl was crying and a dude said something about a ***** so I hung up and rejected the call. It came from Mexico."

CALLER COMPANY: +52 56 1370 7238

Submitted by concerned citizens on December 30, 2020
"Received call saying family member was in an accident, i needed to go get them! They needed me to go get them and bring money or they were going to kill them."

CALLER ID: 525613707238
CALLER COMPANY: 525613707238

Submitted by Guest on December 26, 2020
"They've been in an accident and are really scared.. that i need to go get them."

Submitted by Cristina on December 17, 2020
"They pretended to be in a car accident"

CALLER ID: +525613707238

Submitted by Guest User on October 28, 2020
"they pretend they are related to you and that some one was in accident. extortion"

Submitted by c n on September 07, 2020
"started swearing when phone answered"

CALLER ID: +525613707238
CALLER COMPANY: +525613707238


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