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Have you received a call from +52(678)945-623? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number +52(678)945-623

+52(678)945-623 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Guest User on July 06, 2014
"sick and tired of this number keep calling me my phone and I refuse to answer it. it is happening at least two or three times a day"

Submitted by Lexy on June 27, 2014
"Claiming to be the US government giving out money that you don't need to pay back. Asking for card number or bank account. Sounded like a 12 year old Indian boy. Do. Not. Trust."

CALLER ID: +52 (678) 945 623

Submitted by aj burton on June 26, 2014
"this number keeps calling"

Submitted by Kim on June 25, 2014
"I've received 6 calls today from them, they don't leave a voicemail"

CALLER ID: +52 (678) 945 623

Submitted by Cheryl Mauney on June 23, 2014
"I received a call from this number today. I did not answer and they did not leave a message. I have received multiple calls over the past few weeks from numbers telling me I've won money, wanting health information, etc. I have registered my number many times with the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. Obviously it doesn't work anymore. This is my cell phone and I would like to know how these people obtained my number."

CALLER ID: +52 678 945 623
CALLER COMPANY: none shown

Submitted by cr makenzir on June 21, 2014
"They called me several times. I answered and they were drunk or on drugs. Severe slurring and obnoxious. Told them I woyld report them to the aurhorities. I am reporting them to the carrier of my other phone. Do not need latch ons burning my time up which has happened before."

Submitted by MM on June 10, 2014
"I received a call from this number claiming to be a US Govt Grant Dept. I hung up."

CALLER ID: +52678945623

Submitted by Nicole on June 10, 2014
"i just received calls from this number back to back and I want them to stop. I dont have time to screen calls or deal with scammers."

CALLER ID: 52678945623

Submitted by Kathy Cowger on June 06, 2014
"I didn't answer the call, but when I called it back all I got was a busy signal. I had an unknown call this pass Monday telling I was given a grant of $7,000.00 out of 1500 people chosen and the guy give a number to call with a confirmed password. I hung up and didn't even bother to call."

CALLER ID: +52(678)945-623

Submitted by deb on June 03, 2014
""Stated I was ed for a government money give away because I filed my taxes on time, had not filed bankruptcy and had not been arrested in the last 6 months. All I needed to do was give then a bank account number or accredit card number or a prepaid card number and they would deposit $7048 in my account. All I had to do was use the money for some legitimate beneficial use, like giving to charity, paying debts or buying a car. I told them to send me a check, he would not do that it had to be a bank account t or a plastic card. I explained if he was from the government he already had my information so just go ahead and make the deposit. Oddly enough he hung up and keeps calling me back"

CALLER ID: +52678945623

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