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Have you received a call from 574-966-5629? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (574) 966-5629

574-966-5629 / (574) 966-5629 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Mike on September 11, 2019
"After over an hour of telling them how upset I was about all of this and how ashamed I was that my mother might see me on the news for drug trafficking and money laundering, I ask them what I could do to avoid the charges and keep everything quiet. Gave them a fake last four of SS #, they then ask If I wanted to pay a fine over the phone to avoid charges. They advised me to get a money card from Walmart or any other store that sold Money cards. Ask them if I could walk across the street to CVS and come right back. they ask me to put 976.74 on the card. Sat the phone down for about 15 minutes, (while I showered and got dressed) finally, I found an old visa gift card with a zero balance from Christmas. Told them I was ready. They ask for the Card Number which I provided, then the 3 digit number and the expiration date. Wait. Wait. Wait. Sir the charge declined. Are you sure you added the correct amount? Told them to let me check the receipt. Oops, they put 100 less on the card. let me run back over to CVS. After a second attempt, I told the caller, that something is wrong and that The Social Security Administration does not call people threatening an arrest. This is where the call became more fun. The caller began cursing me out telling me that I was a POS wasting his time. I was literally laughing so hard. I told him that he had actually called a representative of The Attorney Generals office and the call was traced and that Federal Marshals were arriving within 10 minutes to conduct a federal raid on the property office. He hung up... The nerve lol"

CALLER ID: 5749665629
CALLER COMPANY: Social Security Admin

Submitted by Heather on September 10, 2019
"I got the same message and they hung up on me when they realized I wasn't falling for their BS."

CALLER ID: 1-574-966-5629
CALLER COMPANY: Social Security Administration

Submitted by Kim on August 23, 2019
"Spent about 20 minutes messing with these people. Gave them fake numbers because they ask for last 4 of your social. Guys name was Kelvin he said. Employee id 47K51J. Said U.S. marshalls were on to me or someone was using my S.S.# fraudulently. Apparently I have 25 bank accounts in Texas. Live NO where near Texas btw. There are drug trafficking charges cause they impounded my car and seized 8 grams of cocaine. Found 1 million bucks in wire transfers internationally. So money laundering charges will be brought up. U.S. marshals will be calling on Monday he said. He asked me to verify my zip code. I told him one I knew from another state. He told me that my local U.S. marshal, Jack Morris, from florida marshals office will be the guy calling. No clue who he is but he is about 1000 miles away from the zip code I gave them. Good grief. Cant wait til Monday. Wonder what they will come up with on Monday!"

CALLER COMPANY: Social security office

Submitted by MARCO on August 23, 2019

CALLER ID: 5749665629


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