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Have you received a call from 585-502-4201? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (585) 502-4201

585-502-4201 / (585) 502-4201 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Madonna Dailey on August 06, 2020
"wanted to buy furniture
received an email from him and text message
also received an email from a different person immediately after I responded that the items were still available - they wanted to pay extra and sent a cashiers check - scam"

CALLER ID: (585)502-4201

Submitted by Stevie on August 04, 2020
"Yes I got the same scam, will pay extra..... got the check today. Now I too am wondering what should I do because he does have our address and number?"

CALLER ID: 5855024201

Submitted by Mel on July 30, 2020
July 28, 2020 person is going by Philip. We posted couches on Craigslist and he contacted us through text same thing as many folks, have not gotten a check for the couches and movers."

Submitted by Laura on July 30, 2020
"As of July 29th person is going by David Philip. We posted a $1700 chair on Craigslist and he contacted us, same thing as many folks, got a cashier's check with overpayment for the movers. We did not deposit it. Does anyone know how to protect yourself now and how concerned should I be?"

Submitted by Frank on July 24, 2020
"She is still at it. I think her name is Mary. She answered my Craiglist ad, same as other people here. $30 extra to hold the piece. Overpaid $1360 and with a phony cashier's check. Wanted me to send overpayment by Zelle to some email address. I am unemployed and don't need to be scammed right now. So cheesy!!"

CALLER ID: 5855024201

Submitted by Mary on July 17, 2020
"I put an ad on Craig's List for furniture. Same as above...sending a check for price and $30.00 more for movers. I am assuming from what I read he is a scammer. How sad people have to be so deceptive...God knows who you are David."

CALLER ID: 585-502-4201

Submitted by Kurt on June 22, 2020
"Same scam. John Madison offered to pay $30 extra to hold the chair since he was moving in to a new house soon. Send would send cashiers check with extra money to pay the movers. I played along. Told him I would let him know when I had cashed the check. Meanwhile researched how to verify a cashiers check is good. Intend to call police when I have verified it is a fake cashiers check and see if they want to meet the movers when they come for it."

CALLER ID: 585-502-4201

Submitted by Schmoo on June 19, 2020
"Uses the name John Madison as of 6-19-20


Running a scam off Craigslist via the furniture section"

CALLER ID: 585-502-4201

Submitted by Kate on June 19, 2020
"Got an offer on Craigslist for a Couch/Chair set. Said he would pay $30 extra for the movers through check. Changed the name to Steve Walker but sent from same number as "David Hagen""

Submitted by Guest User on June 18, 2020
"David again...offered to buy my table on Craigslist (plus $30 extra)...I knew it was a scam but played along for fun...he ended up sending a check that was 10 times more than the value of the table....Asked me to pay the movers...yeah right....he's still waiting for me to cash it.... :)"

CALLER ID: 585-202-4201

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