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158754550 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Guest User on August 19, 2016
"Calls all the time"

CALLER ID: 5-875-4550
CALLER COMPANY: Not available

Submitted by HJ on August 05, 2016
"when you see a 011 prefix, it is an international call SO...unless you are expecting a call from overseas...don;t answer! Block it if you have a blocker.

Not long agao there was a scam like this where those who called back the number were billed som outrageous fee just for calling! So BE WARNED! You never know what scheme these thieves will come up with and thus...the BLOCK or do not answer! Or both!"

CALLER ID: 011-58754550

Submitted by whistler on August 01, 2016
"sometimes a person needs to stop complaining as it does nothing to stop the calls. fight back. call your comgress person and tell them you want something done to stop this crap. perhaps have the phone companies allow you to block all voip calls. your congress person will not like to have multiple calls and in order to stop them maybe they will get off the butts and do something. call the FTC and complain to a person. again make them expend their time saying yes they know about it but there is nothing they can do. Do not accept that as an answer. call them for every scam call you get. fight the calls directly with a loud whistle or boat distress air horn and blow out their ear drums."

CALLER ID: unavailable

Submitted by Captain Obvious on July 22, 2016
"To all the people complaining about the DO NOT CALL list being "ineffectual".... These calls are made by people working in sweat shop call centers, located in some filthy hell-hole city in India. Guess what - as criminals, trying to scam you, they really don't care about the USA DNC list, and do not obey it. The DNC list works fine for legitimate businesses, who follow the rules.

Simply BLOCK the number. If no one answers these calls, there will be no point for the criminals to make them."

CALLER ID: 58754554
CALLER COMPANY: 5-875-4554

Submitted by Memdelr on July 08, 2016
"Didn't answer. They called twice today. I had someone call awhile back and I know of the scam so when they said they were calling about my windows I said the ones in my house? She said no on your computer. I said sorry I don't have a computer and hung up"

Submitted by MB on July 06, 2016
"Keep calling and saying they're with Windows.
They call at 9pm which is ILLEGAL.

PLUS I'm on the DNC list.
Why can't anything be done?"

CALLER ID: 58754550

Submitted by Rob on July 05, 2016
"Woman called from "Windows" very insistent and obnoxious that my computer was causing them to get alerts on errors.

I know this is a scam, but I love to play along with them and ask "REally? My machine?!? What is the hostname of the machine causing the issue?" - of course they can't answer that question. In the past it has caused them to hang up, this lady was MUCH more persistent and tried to bull her way through it.

No fun for me, so I just hung up."

CALLER ID: 5-875-4554

Submitted by Betty S. on July 04, 2016
"I get these calls several times a day. NOMOROBO does NOT block the calls and I have it installed through Time Warner Cable. I will add the full phone number manually and see if that helps."

CALLER ID: out of area

Submitted by Tom on June 30, 2016
"Got a call from a Daniel claiming to be from Microsoft tell me that my computer was hack . Basically knew that it was a scam. Kept the caller on the phone until he realized that I knew what was going on and then he started cursing at me and hung up. Beware of these jokers"

CALLER ID: 58754550

Submitted by Sleepy Martin on June 28, 2016
"Calls almost every morning at 6:40 (Central Time). Will not answer that call. Total scam."

CALLER ID: Edmonton AB 5-875-4550

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