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Have you received a call from 5897456? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 5897456

5897456 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Harry Olmstead on October 25, 2013
"been receiving calls every day seloling for anti virus for computers..."

Submitted by Raptor on October 04, 2013
"Get this caller i.d. several times a day. Sometimes, just a "goodbye" is heard after we answer, other times, just a click and disconnect. Today, they called us at 5:50 AM--I have an elderly parent and the phone ringing at that hour is terrifying--hope someone finds out who these people are and makes them stop calling!"

CALLER ID: 1-589-7456

Submitted by Steven in Bothell, WA on October 03, 2013
"Multiple calls per day for 2 months. Have put on call block. Usually starting at 6 or 7am PDT. Have picked up and spoke with a human twice. Indian/Middle East accent. 1st. Said he was calling about our Windows program needing upgrade. Told him I very much doubted that, and he hung up. Heard a spiralling buzz sound as the phone disconnected. Tried to contact Microsoft to no avail. Filed a complaint with FTC.
2nd. Call block failed and I picked up and loudly told him to stop calling, to remove our number from there list. We did not want anything they had, and they were harrassing us. He hung up in mid-sentence. Received 3 more calls that day."

CALLER ID: 1-589-7456 or 115897456

Submitted by Terry on October 02, 2013
"I am receiving calls at various times in the day from this number. The unclear voice has an east Indian type accent, says something about my computer. I have told him that I want nothing from him and asked him to not call again. More calls followed."

Submitted by Terry Casseday on October 02, 2013
"This number started calling about 3 weeks ago. Very early phone calls, starting at 6 am. I have blocked their their number."

CALLER ID: name unavailable E'er

Submitted by Raymond on October 02, 2013
"Yes, same for our household with everything written here. Been going on for about 2 months. We reported it to the FCC via online so not sure what will come of that."

CALLER ID: 1 589-7456

Submitted by Michael Kelly on October 02, 2013
"Same as the others. Repeated calls from this number at 6 and 7 a.m. and either no one there or some one from India or foreign accent talking computers."

CALLER ID: 1-589-7456

Submitted by S Bancroft on October 02, 2013
"Receiving these calls every day throughout the day. At 6am this morning, and then again at 7am. If I answer, no one is on the other end, and if I don't, they hang up when the call goes to the answering machine."

CALLER ID: Name Unavailable 1-589-7456

Submitted by sarah on September 30, 2013
"I keep getting "Out of Area 1-589-7456" calls and no one is on the other end! ANNOYING. Have also received the Windows Tech scam calls. I just call them out of their BS (I AM a techie) and hang up. But I am getting tired of the calls! Please make them stop! THANKS!"

CALLER ID: Out of Area 1-589-7456

Submitted by Mishawaka,In on September 30, 2013
"We have been receiving these calls for over a month now. Something about a computer other then that just a recording saying goodbye."

CALLER ID: 589-7456

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