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Have you received a call from 602-666-7776? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (602) 666-7776

602-666-7776 / (602) 666-7776 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Sheila on December 04, 2018
"I got a message to call back. When I called back Rachel Brown said there was a civil suit against me. I told her I knew this was crap and she argued and said it was true and would have someone at mt door soon to give me a summons. I told her go ahead and do that. Then she hung up. How do these people sleep at night"

CALLER ID: 602-677-7776

Submitted by D Williams on November 08, 2018
"Shit bags calling me with bull ***** threats and there looking for someone else. Wouldn’t give me any information on who they were. Told them they’re ***** ing with the wrong number so I called them back and was hung up on several times until one of the dirtbags finally talked with me. I wasn’t nice to them and hopefully they got it recorded. Normally I hang up the phone on these type of scammers but I felt compelled to lay into these
scumbags and told them remove my number from their system. It’s a shame this is the kind of crap that goes on in our society. Don’t even like the three sixes in that damn phone number"

Submitted by Tracy on August 29, 2018
"Repeated calls with a pre-recorded message stating I need to press 0 to speak with a representative and failure to do so would result in legal action & I would be served. They are asking for someone else (not even me)"

CALLER ID: 602-666-7776

Submitted by aundra on August 01, 2018
"Disgusting people asking me questions about my mother and my brother. If I ever find out who this is, I'm seeking action."

CALLER ID: 6026667776

Submitted by TM on June 19, 2018
"Got a voicemail claiming serious allegations were being made against me and a failure to provide a verbal statement would result in me forfeiting my rights and that a process server will be serving me papers at my home or place of employment. No company name or government agency was given and no reference was made to what the allegations were."

Submitted by Alex on June 11, 2018
"This machine left me a voicemail that l owed money...and that I was officially notified...Basically the same thing like the other complaints...I went ahead and just blocked..."

CALLER ID: 6026667776

Submitted by Elaine on June 05, 2018
"This number called me this afternoon. Said I took out a loan I do not remember getting. Said I started making payment and then stopped and they wanted to charge me with wire fraud. Threatened to freeze my accounts if I didn't make a payment. Told them to serve me"

Submitted by martha on May 22, 2018
"I have no idea what I owe on, cuz you know I owe everybody, but this place I don't know any Dennis Lyons, and come to find out he's not a real lawyer. too bad we can't get a hold of these people to have the cops come out to them too."

CALLER COMPANY: dennis lyons

Submitted by Sommer on April 23, 2018
"Same scam. They told me I was being investigated for check fraud, and that I initially made payments and stopped. I never write checks. I told her she was a liar, she said they'll send the paperwork in the mail for a court summons. I told her to do just that, and hung up."

CALLER ID: (602) 666-7776

Submitted by Aaron on April 10, 2018
"Received a call from a Dennis Lyons which was an automated phone call stating a claim was filed against me and I’m being charged with wire and bank fraud. The message stated for my attorney to call to discuss. I called the 602-666-7776 number and a very rude lady was pressuring me to settle on a loan payment from some online company 7 years ago. Told me my accounts and wages would be freezed and garnished. She refused to work with me or give me more details about the issue and then hung up on me as I became violent. The lady refused to tell me her company info and said I would find out once served."

CALLER ID: 602-666-7776
CALLER COMPANY: Refused to provide

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