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Have you received a call from 606-824-0200? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (606) 824-0200

606-824-0200 / (606) 824-0200 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jim on April 14, 2018
"This is a scam..I have a similar number that folks are getting wrong and call me. So I called the "right" number and this jerk answered, someone from Pakistan? Who knows. What he wants is for you to send him a Money Order first before he can send you your ( grand Grant, HaHa good luck with that."

CALLER ID: 606-824-0200

Submitted by Danielle lansu on November 29, 2017
"Got a call saying to pay 150 dollars one time refundable fee to receive 9200. Seemed very fishy to me. His name was calvin parker and he clearly had a indian accent. That does not seem legit to me considering he had a deep accent"

Submitted by Steve smith on November 29, 2017
"They called me and said i was chosen to receive 9200 either cash or cashiers check through western union..they called me from 123993 number and then told me to contact 6068240200 and gave me a information code or whatever.. they had my address and everything and did not ask for any other pwrsonal information"

Submitted by Sabrina on November 13, 2017
"Received a call from a 5 digit number stating that was randomly approved for a grant and to call the 6068240200 and I could receive my money. They had quite a bit of information about me. Was I asked about this being a scam the guy laughed. (Unprofessional) i told him he will be accountable for his actions. He told me well than God will punish me when that day comes. Clearly these people need the Lord. God does not punish. It is so sad how we live in this world where people could do scams like this to so many people and co tinue to get away with it and not feel bad. Pray for this world."

Submitted by Tom R on November 10, 2017
"Same scam as tried to be run on the other people here , told me there was a one time fee to activate "my money" they claimed to be part of the us government"

Submitted by Jessica Rupe on November 08, 2017
"I received a call from a gentleman with a strong Oriental accent saying I had been randomly ed to receive a grant for $9000, and to call this phone number to reach his accountant."

CALLER ID: 646311

Submitted by Anjelica on November 06, 2017
"Received a call from an 5 digit number ask me to verofy my name and then told me I have a grant avalible seems odd and I never applied for a grant to begin with then gave me a 606 number to cal and give a code to pick up my money"

CALLER COMPANY: Federal grant

Submitted by Alex on November 01, 2017
"Got a call from an unknown number saying I won $9000 and to call this number(606) 824-0200
And have gave me a code to give
Sounded fishy so I'm here to make my report"

CALLER ID: Unknown number

Submitted by Ari Zari on October 11, 2017
"i’ve gotten multiple calls from a number in D.C. i’ve never listened to it fully because i usually hang up. however this time i got a call from an unknown number stating that he’s calling from the federal government saying i won $9200 and to call this number and gave me a confirmation code."

Submitted by Joanne on October 02, 2017
"Called and emailed my daughter said that she had been randomly ed for a government grant. Told her to pay $150 and she would receive $9200. I called the "company" and asked for "David Petersen" (the name he gave my daughter) clearly this guy had an Indian accent, said that person was unable to come to the phone blah blah I told him that he was not nice to prey and scam on others and he said "why don't you go and talk to Donald Trump". At that point I had no inclination to entertain the idiot so I hung up. I have also had calls some time ago on my landline, probably from the same person regarding myself owing the IRS and a "sheriff" was on his way. Whatever, scam scam."

CALLER ID: 6068240200

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