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Have you received a call from 609-998-8604? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (609) 998-8604

609-998-8604 / (609) 998-8604 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Josh on February 14, 2019
"i received a call at the place where i work asking if i worked here. i said yes out of habit. and they immediately hung up on me. I called the number back."

CALLER ID: shamong, nj

Submitted by Anon. on February 13, 2019
"This call was transferred to me from another co-worker. The male voice with thick Indian accent asked for someone with the last name Van in my office, and was insistent that I look at my employee directory. That this person was my Ops manager. I explained I have no one in my office with that name. The male chuckled and told me to refer to my employee directory and that I did have Van in my office. I told him that I had already explained to him that there is no one here with that name, that he had the wrong number, and that I was hanging up."

CALLER ID: 6099988604

Submitted by SAS on February 05, 2019
"Asked if this was "my name". I said yes and they hung up. Tried dialing back, but keep getting hung up on."

CALLER ID: Unavailable

Submitted by Gloria on February 05, 2019
"Received a call from 609.998.8604 and the caller asked to confirm my name. When asked what the call was about, the caller hung up."

CALLER ID: 609.998.8604

Submitted by Zalix on February 01, 2019
"Called two days in a row from Shamong. NJ. Only seem to want to identify that the number they just dialed belongs to your name so I definitely think this number belongs to an identity fraud ring. Terribly scary. Please investigate and shut these guys down."

CALLER ID: Shamong, NJ

Submitted by Roger on January 31, 2019
"Called my office and asked for me by name saying he was Dr Jones and had some medical papers for me. The receptionist asked him what hospital he was with and he mumbled something she couldn't understand. She put him on hold and when she did, he hung up. The call came in from Shamong, NJ."

CALLER ID: 609-998-8604

Submitted by Receptionist on January 31, 2019
"Gentleman with a thick Indian accent called asking for an employee who no longer works here. I told him that the gentleman was no longer with the company. He responds with "Can I have an email address for (former employee's name)?" I repeated myself by saying that he is no longer with the company so I do not have that information. Gentleman seemed confused and then repeated what I just said and then asked if he was calling (my company name). I repeated that yes, it was the company, and then he goes "Yes? Yes? Why yes?" I repeated AGAIN that yes, it is (company name) and he goes. "Oh okay.... thank you," and hangs up. I don't know what the call was regarding or who was on the other end, but they need to never call back again. Placed this number on my "Do not answer" list."

CALLER ID: 609-998-8604

Submitted by SC on January 31, 2019
"I also got a call at work, but they hung up right after I answered. Receptionist said she could tell it was a call center because of the noise in the background. I'd really like to know how many of the people getting calls have a LinkedIn account which is where they could easily get the information about where you work."

CALLER ID: 609-998-8604

Submitted by Leigh on January 30, 2019
"Called my work line. Heavy accent and says "Hey (my first name and old last name" how are you?" I respond "Good, how are you?" Then he hung up."

CALLER ID: 609-998-8604

Submitted by Charisse C Stark on January 29, 2019
"PErson called me at work and asked to speak with Chrissy Stark- I asked who was calling- he said the name again and at my place of business- I said my name with the proper pronunciation and how can I help? and he asked again if it was me- I said, I have said yes 3 times- what can I help you with?
then be hung up- when calling back the # would not ring through- how do I make sure this is not something that now has my "ok" to do something with my identity?"

CALLER ID: 16099988604

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