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Have you received a call from 610-844-0386? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (610) 844-0386

610-844-0386 / (610) 844-0386 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Guest User on August 07, 2018
"I received a call from 610-844-0386 that stated there were serious charges against me with the police dept, and that I needed to call them immediately."

CALLER ID: unkknown

Submitted by Guest User on August 06, 2018
"IRS scam requesting a call back within 24 hours"

CALLER ID: 610-844-0386

Submitted by Dawn S on August 06, 2018
"I just received a call & voicemail from (610) 844-0386 stating that the IRS has four serious claims against me and that I need to call them right away or they will report me to the police. From seeing the other list of complaints here, these people are pretty stupid to think anyone will fall for this."

CALLER ID: 610-844-0386

Submitted by David Z on August 06, 2018
"Robo vm telling me I have 4 counts against me by the IRS and 24 hours to respond. I called them back (knowing it was a scam). Person who barely spoke english was evasive and muted his microphone several times while waiting to respond."

Submitted by Erich Davis on August 06, 2018
"I received a partial voicemail identical to the text describing this fraudulent caller.On 8/6/2018 at approximately 2:27 P.M. MST."

CALLER ID: (610) 844-0836
CALLER COMPANY: Pennsylvania

Submitted by Jack Linde on August 06, 2018
"IRS Scam call:

This matter is very serious emergency and time sensitive we are calling you from investigation team of I.R.S. We have just received a notification regarding your tax filings from the headquarters which will get expired in next 24 working hours and once it get expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local police as there are 4 serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 610-844-0386 I repeat 610-844-0386 thank you."

CALLER ID: Unknown Name

Submitted by Michael Hockett on August 06, 2018
"IRS Scam. Requested to call back at 610-844-0386"

CALLER ID: Allentown PA


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