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Have you received a call from 612-205-5040? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (612) 205-5040

612-205-5040 / (612) 205-5040 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by SCARY on November 08, 2019
"Pretended to be a highschool/college friend. Asked what seemed like normal questions for catching up (how have you been, where do you work now, where do you live) then started getting persistent about hearing my proposal story and demanding I respond quickly and not in a delayed manner. Asked for pictures so I looked up this number and realized it was a scam. Really creepy"

CALLER ID: 612-205-5040

Submitted by J w on November 08, 2019
"Only used text, pretended to be friend from high school and ask personal questions and asked for pictures. Very creepy- blocked number but still too weird."

CALLER ID: +1 (612) 205-5040
CALLER COMPANY: +1 (612) 205-5040

Submitted by Danielle Fitzpatrick on November 07, 2019
"Received a text at 12:20 AM on November 6 saying “hi Danielle this is Matt Fecher how have you been?”"

CALLER ID: 6122055040

Submitted by Anonymous on November 03, 2019
"This number texted me as a high school friend as well. Then proceeded to try to find out personal info such as my pets name. Started calling me baby and I stopped responding when I read this post. The last text I received said “I’ll see you soon baby”"

Submitted by Guest User on November 03, 2019
"Stated was an old friend from high school. Sender was asking for personal information"

CALLER ID: +1 (612) 205-5040

Submitted by guest on October 29, 2019
"asked for personal information, threatened rape to another friend who got texted, sent pics of dildos to another. inappropriate is an understatement. this guy has texted at least 10 people I know under different aliases, and us 10 people all are friends. How stupid can he be!"

CALLER ID: 6122055040

Submitted by Guest on October 28, 2019
"I as well as 4 of my friends got texts from this number claiming to be a friend from high school. It was a normal conversation he didn't ask for any private information, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't actually him after seeing all of these comments"

Submitted by Creeped out on October 11, 2019
"Same as everyone else. Do NOT answer this dude."

CALLER ID: 612-205-5040

Submitted by Guest User on September 28, 2019
"Received a message asking like a friend from high school as well. when i called him out on not being my friend he called me a ***** and said "i hope you get rape tonight"


Submitted by dee on September 25, 2019
"so glad I found out before I responded, this weirdo called and left a creepy message on my answering machine, I now knoe just to ignore this person all together! Thanks for sharing this information."

CALLER ID: 702-620-5746

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